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Cages Are Taboo ...

Pets Are Inn makes special arrangements for your pet that far surpass the offerings of a traditional kennel. We carefully screen animal loving individuals and families to care for your pet(s). These "Host Families" take your pet(s) into their home and give them the personal attention they are used to ... lots of love, petting, playing, walking, a warm comfortable place to sleep, and of course, the food you provide, served when and the way your pet likes it.

Your "Host Family" does their best to ensure that your pet(s) has a happy and pampered stay because we know your special family member deserves the best! There is no shortage of TLC in these homes.

How It Works ...

We ask that you call at least ten days prior to your departure to allow ample time for us to make the proper lodging arrangements. (You will have to call at least six weeks in advance for major holidays.) At that time we conduct an interview to collect the necessary information about your pet(s). We then carefully match your pet's individual needs with the right "Host Family". On the dates specified, we transport your pet to and from its home-away-from-home.

Your pet's "Host Family" is provided information taken during the interview regarding feeding and exercise schedules, medication needs, and home life routine. You may send favorite toys, blankets, and treats which will help your pet settle in more quickly.

You are most welcome to share additional information about your pet's habits in a personal note or letter to the "Host Family". Written instructions for medications are a must.

Pets Are Inn requires current vaccinations (DHPL, PARVO, RABIES) for both cats and dogs. Please have your pet's shots updated and have a vet's certification handy when we pick up the pet.

What If ...

Pets Are Inn has taken steps to make your pet's stay a healthy and happy one. However, there is always the chance that your pet could become ill.

If medical attention is required, we will contact your veterinarian whenever possible. If circumstances require more immediate action, we will contact the veterinarian closest to your pet's "Host Family". We have established affiliations with highly qualified veterinarians throughout the area. This ensures access to medical treatment 24 hours a day.

Our Host Families ...

Occasionally we get requests to "see the home our pet will be staying in". We cannot subject our "Host Families" to an interview and inspection for every pet we bring to them. We have already done that for you. Each family is thoroughly interviewed for attitudes towards pets and the amount of time spent at home. Their home and yard are also inspected for cleanliness and safety. Many of our "Host Families" are retired persons and homemakers. They enjoy the companionship of pets and are interested in providing your pet a comfortable home-away-from-home.

Food & Treats ...

To avoid potential negative effects of diet changes, the owner is to supply an adequate amount of food and treats for the pet's stay. Our 'Host Family" will carefully follow your feeding instructions and respect your wishes regarding table food.

Transportation Provided ...

As previously mentioned, we provide round trip pick-up and delivery for your pet(s). We find our customers are best served by having a pick-up and delivery "period" rather than an exact "clock time" arrangement. Transportation is scheduled for the block of time that most closely matches your departure and return times during a period that is convenient to both parties.

Our Pricing

There are Lodging and Transportation fees. The actual costs for lodging and transportation vary with location.

Lodging Rates

Pick up times in the AM are charged a full day's lodging rate while PM pick ups are charged the 1/2 day lodging rate. Return times in the PM are charged a full days lodging rate while AM return times are charge a 1/2 day lodging rate. Lodging fees are based on the size and age of your furry family member.

There is an additional fee for puppies (up to 18-24 months) and for special needs i.e. geriatric care, insulin shots, etc.

Transportation Rates

There is a round trip transportation fee. The specific amount varies between locations.

These fees are competitively priced when comparing the level of service you and your furry family member are provided.

Company Biography
1982 in Minneapolis, MN ...

The Pets Are Inn concept was founded in 1982 by a couple in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When vacationing, the family pet, Chopin (who was disguised as a dog), did not do well in a kennel facility. On subsequent trips, they solicited friends, relatives or neighbors to care for Chopin. However, they were uncomfortable with this arrangement.

They had inadvertently stumbled upon an ideal alternative to kennel boarding. Namely, soliciting a "Host Family" to care for their furry family member while they were away. This humane alternative addressed equally the pet's physical and emotional needs and the family's peace of mind. Thus, Pets Are Inn was born as the "#1 Alternative for Boarding Your Pet While You're Away" with "All the Comforts of Home." Now, finding a loving family to care for your pet is not solely dependent upon having relatives or friends available since Pets Are Inn provides lodging for customer's pets in private homes.

Pet lovers endorsed Pets Are Inn and its values! In 1986, the business began expanding through franchising.

On June 12, 1992 Ann and Jim Platt purchased the Pets Are Inn franchising system after operating the #1 franchise nationally since 1987. For the Platts, who enjoy an entrepreneurial challenge, Pets Are Inn is a second-career company, as it is for many of the franchises operating nationally and in Hawaii.

A Mankato State business graduate, Ann broke new ground. Just out of school, she was the first woman in management at the Farm Credit Banks in St. Paul. She later worked as a Xerox sales executive and a computer dealer before buying the Pets Are Inn franchise for Minneapolis and its southern suburbs. "I enjoy being my own boss," she admits. "I couldn't go back to the corporate world."

Jim graduated from Purdue University with a degree in industrial management, math and computer science. His first "job" was with Control Data Corporation. Corporate politics made him evaluate his career goals. After much thought, he entered the "real world" of self employment and became the top real estate salesman for the number one company in town, Bermel-Smaby Realtors. He later formed 1st American Realty.

Since acquiring Pets Are Inn, Jim has focused his time on business development for the individual franchise operations together with planning expansion for the franchise company. He is enrolled in Michael Gerber's E-Myth Academy, Mastery Program.

Naturally, the couple loves pets. Ann grew fond of animals while growing up on a dairy farm near Faribault, MN. Jim's father and grandfather raised beagles for hunting in his native Indiana, and he always had a dog. The Platts have two schnauzers.

Today, there are locations nationally and in Hawaii. Pets Are Inn has been featured on Television and Radio and in various national publications, Dog World, USA Today American Woman, Chicago Tribune and many more. Pets Are Inn has also been recognized by ..Small Business Opportunities Magazine as one of 15 "Blockbuster" home-based businesses and is ranked #1 Franchiser Nationally in Pet Care Services by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Pets Are Inn is an alternative for boarding family pets when their owners are away for either vacation or business. Pets vacation in private homes thereby providing a loving home environment. "Host Families", i.e. caregivers, are carefully selected. Pets Are Inn coordinates travel schedules and provides round-trip pickup and delivery. Both pet and owner prefer the worry free services provided.

The information presented may have changed since first published. We recommend that you always verify fees, investment amounts and offers with the business opportunity directly prior to making a decision to invest.

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