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Nature's Pet Market Franchise Support
Everything you need to thrive and grow

At Nature's Pet Market, we pride ourselves in striving to be the most innovative pet supply retail chain in America. This allows our franchisees to have peace of mind in knowing that their franchise company is constantly working on developing creative new ways to keep them growing each and every year.

Since the needs of each store owner vary because of location and previous experience, our franchise support program focuses on two primary areas:

  • Core knowledge necessary for retail in the pet industry
  • Management and systems support tailored to the store owner's needs and experience

Prior to Store Opening

  • Comprehensive business plan development
  • Site location assistance
  • Lease negotiation
  • Intensive pet nutrition training
  • Store design and layout assistance
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Point of Sale and inventory management training
  • Fixture setup and merchandising assistance
  • Product selection assistance and customization to area

Store Management

  • Extensive purchasing support: negotiating franchise pricing on core products, new product evaluations and recommendations, private label product development
  • Communications with other Nature's Pet Market stores
  • Franchise Advisory Council
  • IT support and remote assistance
  • Ongoing HR and retail management support

Multi-store Expansion

  • Growth incentive program
  • Fixed cost reductions based on economies of scale
  • Multi-store IT management assistance
  • Business plan development
  • Area development opportunities
  • Expanded protected areas
  • Market saturation and increased market share

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