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Barking for a change?

Ever have that feeling that you're supposed to be doing something else with your life? We did. We weren't following our dreams, and we were uninspired by the opportunities out there. We loved dogs but felt most pet stores were missing something ... an adventure was born.

Now each day is filled with building an innovative business, bringing fun, healthy and design driven products into people and their pets' lives, and creating and controlling our financial future.

Have a career based in making people and their pets happy.

Bark & Fitz is all about bringing smiles to people, their pets and improving the health and well being of our canine companions. There's nothing more energizing than waking up every day and being excited about work. When you're spending your time during the day, with your dog, at a job that you love, you'll count your blessings each night.

Put your creative energy to work.

When you run your own business, you will use your creative energies every hour of the day. Whether it's a cool new marketing approach or an innovative way to motivate employees, you will feel the satisfaction that comes with putting your creative juices to work and being in control of your financial destiny.

What makes Bark & Fitz different from its competitors?

Let us count the ways. From the warm ambiance of our stores and the design driven toys and merchandise available to our all natural dog bakery and industry leading food suppliers, Bark & Fitz truly stands on its own within the pet retailing industry.

We offer a fresh and unique way to bring healthy, all natural food, fresh baked treats and merchandise to our customers and their pets that puts a smile on every face, both human and canine.

Be the one at the party with the business that people are talking about.

When you heard about Bark & Fitz, did you tell your friends? Imagine being at a dinner party where someone starts telling you about the new dog store in town, not knowing that it's yours. People will be telling you about the fresh bakery treats and extensive selection of the healthiest dog foods in the world and how much they loved the stylish toys and merchandise.

Who's the boss of you?

How many times have you said to yourself "I'd love to own my own business?" Bark & Fitz is your chance.

We offer a complete system to open and operate your own business.

The management team at Bark & Fitz bring an enthusiasm and commitment to our brand and system that is unmatched by any other franchise opportunity. If you believe in our commitment to this vision and you think you can make a contribution to this exciting effort, we want you on our team.

How many other franchises that you have researched resonated with you?

What if "bring your dog to work day" was every day? What other business provides you with the opportunity to contribute positively to the health, well being and happiness of dogs and their owners?

Build a business. Build your dream.

Bark & Fitz has bundled this proven success story into what many are touting as "the future of specialty dog retail" and are offering franchises through master, area and single-unit franchise development across North America.

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