Wood Defender Franchise Business Opportunity

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Wood Defender Fence Staining Business

Standard Paints Inc., Wood Defender has developed a remarkable business opportunity for the ambitious entrepreneur. Staining wood privacy fence is a growing trend, and Wood Defender can show you how to take advantage of this growing outdoor business opportunity. Each year millions of feet of wood privacy fence are being constructed. The rising cost of lumber and labor has caused the home owner to utilize methods of conserving resources and protecting his or her investments. The Fence Staining Service business is growing rapidly and Wood Defender offers the training, equipment, and products needed to participate in this excellent outdoor business opportunity.

Low Start Up Cost

Starting your own Outdoor Business Opportunity has never been easier. At Wood Defender we not only make it easy to start you own business, we make it affordable. Whether you are looking for a part time source of supplemental income or a full time career we have a package that fits your needs and budget. With packages ranging from $1203.03 to $21,600.62 we take all interested parties seriously. The fence staining service business is very adaptive to each participating entrepreneur. At Wood Defender we have customers ranging from fireman and high school teachers staining fences on the weekends to fence companies and career business persons exceeding millions in sales annually.

Quickest Available Return on Investment

The Wood Defender Fence Staining Opportunity has the potential to create revenue just after your graduation from our Wood Defender Training Class. We have actually had participants leave the class with a positive attitude, required equipment and knowledge to complete their first job the same day. With a profit margin averaging 70% over material cost each job has the potential to make a serious dent in your initial investment. Our Wood Defender Training class can show you how to properly stain 200' of fence in under an hour and profit $700.26 while doing so.

Own Your own Business

Wood Defender not only shows its participants how to stain fences, we show you how to be your own boss. The Wood Defender Outdoor Business Opportunity is not a franchise. There are no franchise fees or royalties paid. With our Wood Defender United Program (link) we actually pay a "Royalty" to our much appreciated customers.

Wood Defender Team Background

Standard Paints Inc. is an Industrial Paint Manufacturer incorporated since 1952. Since starting the brand name Wood Defender, Standard Paints has chosen to spend most of our efforts serving and growing the Fence Staining Service Industry. The heart of the Wood Defender team being Brent Turner and Todd Steen. Brent and Todd make an exceptional team and are dedicated to serving their loyal customers and helping new participants get started in this Outdoor Business Opportunity. What makes this opportunity so special is that Brent and Todd started in this industry as fence strainers. Running a successful and profitable fence staining business in the mid 90's Brent and Todd learned the business inside and out. From sales techniques to application procedures they have done it all and speak with knowledge from experience.

In discussing the Wood Defender team it is important to introduce our Captain Mel Turner. Mel is the driving force behind Standard Paints Inc, Wood Defender. Owning his own business for over 35 years Mel is always willing to share his business wisdom and experiences with his valued customers. Mel is an "old school"" business owner who refuses to run a company without having an employee to answer the phone and his dedicated team finds a way to satisfy the most discriminating customer.

Training and Support

Wood Defender continues its support and participation in your venture by offering an extended training program, and continual support through technical assistance. Whether it be answering the phone to field a job site question, or brainstorming with a customer about sales propaganda. The entire Wood Defender team is here for you.

Proven System

Wood Defender has proven this business opportunity with hundreds of successful contractors across the country. The only ingredients required by the participant are an ambitious sales personality and a location with plenty of wood fence. All other aspects, including equipment, sales techniques, application methods, and suggested business ethics have been proven repeatedly by each successful Wood Defender Participant. References are available.

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