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What a Lot a Pizza was created in 1993 by Wayne LaVigne. LaVigne wanted to provide a pizza that was the lowest cost possible, anytime, without coupons or specials. The first restaurant opened in Fountain Valley and has since grown to a ten unit concept with over 55 units in development and they have sold over three million pizzas. The restaurants are 800 - 1,200 square feet and the average check is $12.

By creating these efficiencies in operations, it enabled WALA to create a concept which focused solely on the customer; the customers would receive the great taste of WALA pizzas while also receiving the benefits of the lowest price possible.

"WALA is about as easy as it can be for restaurant franchisees - carry-out only, no delivery, no in-house dining, 1 size pizza, only pizza, only 4 prices, and that pizza bakes in a conveyor belt driven oven with a timer so the pizza is always perfectly cooked."

"This is the perfect concept for entrepreneurs looking to invest in their first restaurant franchise. In addition to the simplicity of the business model, I was attracted to WALA Pizza because it thrives in "B" sites in "B" markets so we don't get caught up chasing expensive real estate locations." Dan Rowe, president of Fransmart stated.

WALA Pizza offers guests fresh pizza at incredibly affordable prices. The simplicity of their operations is founded in offering one size pizza through carry-out only, allowing WALA Pizza to maintain a consistently superior product. WALA Pizza's menu offers a large, 14 inch, pizza with four price points selections: cheese for $5.95, 1 topping for $6.95, 2 topping for $7.95, or Deluxe (3-10 toppings) for $8.95.

Competitive Strategy and Appeal

  • No Delivery
  • Underserved Markets
  • Lower Rents
  • Less Competition
  • Value Positioning
  • 1 Primary Item
  • Simple Operations

Share In Our Dream, Share In Our Success

Wayne, his wife, Bonnie and family followed their dream, and as Wayne has said, "We made the decision to share that dream we had over a decade ago by offering franchising opportunities to individuals who share his passion.

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