Valvoline Instant Oil Change Franchise Business Opportunity

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Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Valvoline Instant Oil Change was created around a trusted, familiar brand, a system that gives every franchisee a leg up on competition in the "Do-It-For-Me" (DIFM) oil change business. As you read about who we are, the business we're in, and our successful franchising system, we think you'll agree: VIOC represents an opportunity for you that's letter-perfect.

A relationship based on respect, trust and confidence keeps customers coming back

Valvoline Instant Oil Change, a division of The Valvoline Company, was created in 1986 with the purchase of Rapid Oil Change centers in upstate New York and the Minneapolis/St. Paul region and from Instant Oil Change and DipStick acquisitions in Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan. We continue to grow through more acquisitions, franchising, and by building company-owned units.

Today, Valvoline Instant Oil Change is the second largest franchise and company-owned quick-lube chain in the U.S. We remain focused on providing consistent, outstanding service, performed strictly according to each vehicle's manufacturer recommendations. And we believe that a relationship based on respect, trust and confidence is what keeps customers driving in to our bays every time their cars need routine maintenance.

Changing oil may be the change you need

An instant oil change is like no other business. It's not only resistant to many of the cyclical and economic pressures other businesses fear, but it also has an operational style that's all its own.

For example, it's not a suit-and-tie business. It doesn't require large receivables that tie up your assets. There's very little inventory and no spoilage - the oil in your tanks goes into your customers' cars.

It doesn't require a large staff. You hire quality people and help them grow. With our store schedule, you don't have to work endless hours that keep you away from your family. It's all those things, but it's just the beginning of what VIOC has to offer you. Additionally, you can expect:

  • A proven operating system with a vested interest in your success
  • Affiliation with a corporation that owns and operates hundreds of Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations
  • Affiliation with Valvoline, a nationally recognized, premium brand
  • A customer service orientation that aids in building trust and repeat business.

What does it mean to be a part of our system?

Certainly, a Valvoline Instant Oil Change center gives you the flexibility that comes from owning your own business.

Although the product we sell is oil, customer service is the key to our business. It is both our vision and our mission, as well as an integral reason for our growth. Our customers are what drive us, and what we have done is create a system that can be replicated, translating into a positive buying experience.

We're committed to our franchisees and have created a sound, tested, and successful proprietary operating model that can translate into personal success. Our support systems include:

  • Real Estate and Development
  • Marketing Support
  • Super-Pro┬« Training
  • Customer Database

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