United States Basketball League
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The USBL (United States Basketball League) is the only publicly-held professional sports league in the United States, providing investors a unique opportunity to own a part of professional sports.

The USBL is the first and only sports league structured as a franchisor and the only publicly-traded sports league (OTCBB: USBL). The USBL is 21 years old with 10 teams and 150 USBL players have made the NBA. You can own a professional sports team! Essentially, the USBL is a unique investment vehicle, being the only publicly traded professional sports league. This allows USBL shareholders to benefit dramatically from an expected upward valuation in the cost of franchises. The USBL is able to sell franchises at will. Potentially, there are approximately 100 small-to-medium sized cities in the US that could accommodate a successful franchise.

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