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The Dominant Leader in Owner-Builder Services

UBuildIt is the first franchise company to offer national Construction Consulting services to the owner-builder segment. Recognizing a need by consumers for help and guidance on their self-managed building projects, UBuildIt was formed to offer solutions. Since 1988 they have helped thousands of families realize their housing dreams by consulting on the construction of their new home or significant remodel project. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked UBuildIt as a top Franchise 500.

What's an Owner-Builder?

This person is a "do-it-yourselfer". They want to control and be involved in their project, they may own land, and they have a strong desire to realize the home of their dreams. This is the person that cares the most about the construction project.

  • It can be a risky venture to attempt a large construction project on your own. Some try and quickly get in over their head. But when they have the professional guidance of a UBuildIt Construction Consultant, the fear and risk lessen, they save money, and the project can be an enjoyable realization of a dream.
  • The UBuildIt client is no longer just an "owner-builder". They maintain control, make the decisions, and enjoy the results without the headaches and risk of going it alone.

The Opportunity

UBuildIt offers Franchise Partners the opportunity to take advantage of their business skills in sales, marketing and consulting without the headaches, liability and risks of being a builder. Construction Consulting is less involved than being a custom builder or even a project manager. This is a great time to join UBuildIt in this growing market segment.

What UBuildIt Is Looking For?

  • They want the successful entrepreneur or business manager looking for a business to grow and operate.
  • They want the successful builder looking to utilize their experience and knowledge to transition out of hands-on daily involvement in the construction process. Someone who wants to offer a unique service and become their clients advocate.
  • Franchising is based on a solid system. Strong candidates understand this and are willing to follow a proven program. There is comfort and support when operating a business inside of a quality franchise network.

UBuildIt has a strong, proven business model that just happens to be construction consulting. The franchise owner does NOT need a construction background. They do require that the UBuildIt Construction Consultant have residential construction management experience, and current relationships with local, quality subcontractors.

What UBuildIt Does

UBuildIt Franchise Partners offer a comprehensive system to assist an owner-builder to complete their self-managed construction project. There is a definite do-it-yourself trend in this country, with more people expressing a desire to have control and involvement in their new construction or major remodel project, while saving money in the process. That means the market for UBuildIt services is rapidly expanding. Imagine the mistakes made and the dollars lost by not having the available counsel of a construction expert when trying to self-manage a project. UBuildIt provides the service, manuals and software, the professional guidance and local subcontractors that satisfy the needs of the owner-builder. UBuildIt wants more quality Franchise Partners to offer this unique service in local markets across the United States.

A Partnering Relationship

UBuildIt's franchising system is based on the premise that they as a company can only be successful if their Franchise Partners are successful first. They believe in a partnering relationship with their franchisees, their preferred vendors and suppliers, and their clients. Success for UBuildIt, both corporately and for each of their franchisees, flows from the success of their strategic business partnerships.

Where Are They Growing?

UBuildIt wants offices that will reach clients where there is building activity and they want remodel offices in areas with an aging housing stock. Look at the research and you'll see their potential. It's a huge untapped market of over $65 billion in owner-builder projects. That's tremendous.

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