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Founded in 1985 as an after-school endeavor for two high school boys, Two Men And A Truck is the nation's first and largest local residential and commercial moving franchise system. From the very first move out of the back of an old pickup truck, the mission of the company has been to exceed its customer's expectations by offering a full-range of residential and commercial moving services. As of December 1, 2004 the company has 147 locations in 27 states operating nearly 1000 trucks.

Two Men and A Truck franchises offer customers a comprehensive array of services; whether it be moving one appliance, an entire household, or a business. They also offer packing and unpacking services as well as boxes and an assortment of packing supplies.

This franchise enjoys a high referral rate from customers, strong market identity, a passion for delivering excellent customer service, and moving expertise that has made us the fifth-largest moving company in the nation. Two Men And A Truck provides franchisees with highly efficient systems, all of which have been proven across the franchise network. They are committed to enhancing and further developing the system to meet the changes in the business and to remain an industry leader.

The Market...

From the first move, Two Men And A Truck developed a unique high-growth market niche - local residential and commercial moving services. The business operates on a national scale, while maintaining the small-town, friendly, professional and personalized service customers have come to rely on.

The Means...

Neither trucking nor moving experience is required to obtain a Two Men And A Truck franchise. Two Men And A Truck is about maintaining solid customer relations, managing people and schedules, and following common- sense business practices. Women and husband-wife teams operate more than half of the Two Men And A Truck franchises.

Two Men And A Truck training programs enable Franchisees to learn everything from A to Z about operating a Two Men And A Truck franchise. Phase One begins the day a franchise is awarded. Franchisees receive a comprehensive start-up kit and begin working with the training and franchise consulting staff. Phase Two takes place at Stick Men University, located in Lansing, Mich. This phase combines comprehensive classroom and practical training. Phase Three is the opening of the franchise! As a franchise begins operations, the Home Office support team provides ongoing assistance including an on-site visit from a Two Men And A Truck Franchise Business Consultant.

Proper Packing Supplies

The importance of well constructed boxes and moving supplies are often underestimated. Upon first thought, many people think "Why should I buy boxes when I get can get boxes for free at the store?" There are many reasons:

  • Frequently the box tops have been cut off - making it impossible to close properly and impossible to stack safely for travel and/or storage
  • The boxes may have been structurely damaged by their original contents
  • Produce boxes can serve as a host for insects and insect larvae - later infesting your new residence

Two Men and a Truck offers the following packing suggestions:

  • To safely move your possessions, all boxes must be able to be closed and sealed with packing tape. This not only protects your belongings, but makes it easier to stack.
  • While newsprint provides cushion, it may also leave ink on your precious belongings. Packing paper is the best choice for safeguarding your breakables.
  • Duct tape while very useful for most purposes, is a poor substitute for packing tape as it does not adhere to corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Take advantage of the many custom boxes available such as wardrobe boxes and dishpacks to easily and safely move your possessions.

Benefits of Becoming a Franchisee Include:

  • Proven operating system
  • Comprehensive start-up program
  • Use of our federally protected name and logo
  • Extensive training program at our state-of-the-art training facility
  • Online training for all front-line staff
  • Regional and annual franchise meetings, to share successful moving and business strategies
  • System-wide buying power on equipment and supplies through the Sponsor Program
  • Marketing Planning Assistance, including:
  • Award winning TV and radio commercials
  • Comprehensive Marketing Manual
  • Personalized camera-ready ads
  • Customized marketing programs
  • Merchandise and promotional items
  • Customer Reply Card Program
  • Media relations assistance
  • Manuals that cover major moving and business issues
  • Management software designed to effectively track and manage the moving business
  • Confidential Franchisee Resource Center
  • Intranet Site
  • "1-800" Support Line
  • Franchise Advisory Council
  • And much more!

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