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  • Forbes magazine estimates that the Payroll and HR outsourcing industry will grow to a 15 billion dollar business by 2005.
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) fines 4 out of 10 small business owners an average of US$845 per year due to payroll related mistakes. 98% of all U.S. companies have less than 100 employees, that's a market
  • potential of 9 million businesses.
  • A "young" industry, only 22% market penetration as a whole.
  • The IRS has over 420 tax law changes a year ... the federal and state government agencies make outsourcing an easier choice every year for business owners.

Are you looking for a business opportunity based on a proven concept in an industry that offers the advantages of high growth and stable recurring revenue?

TimePlus Payroll Services, the pioneer developer and the largest supplier of high tech software services and products in the integrated payroll service and timekeeping industry, is seeking a limited number of qualified candidates to own and operate Time Plus offices throughout North America.

Since 1989, TimePlus Payroll Services has expanded from a single payroll and timekeeping service center in suburban Atlanta to include more than 210 similar operations in 44 states and Canada. The Time Plus Payroll Services entrepreneur base consists of CPAs, bookkeepers, payroll professionals, corporate executives, sales people, and marketing professionals desiring outside success with their own businesses. The many service center operators also bring a wide range of experience from all walks of life.

The Seven Advantages of the TimePlus Payroll Services Opportunity

  1. Stable Recurring Revenue and Equity - Whether the economy is in a recession or rapidly moving forward, TimePlus Payroll clients continually pay for monthly services that are critical to their businesses. Once a company becomes a Time Plus Payroll client, it is likely to remain a member for life.
  2. Sales and Marketing Training - Let TimePlus Payroll teach you how to add hundreds of clients to your existing business with our experienced staff of industry trained payroll sales professionals. Our office in Atlanta alone processes payroll for hundreds of clients, most acquired from our competitors.
  3. Name Recognition - TimePlus Payroll Services is used by over thirty thousand clients throughout North America and is a federally registered trademark in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Over 210 offices in 44 states and Canada are licensed to use our trademark.
  4. High Growth Industry - The integrated payroll, HR and timekeeping industry is a 15+ billion dollar a year industry, most of which is still largely untapped!
  5. Competition - In today's dynamic payroll market, TimePlus Payroll Services is the competition. TimePlus Payroll Offices routinely acquire business from ADP®, Paychex®, and Ceridian®, just to name a few. Prudent business people most often choose the best service, which solves their problems. As a TimePlus Payroll Services office, you are big enough to serve all of your clients' needs yet small enough to care.
  6. Proven Concept - Over the past 15 years, TimePlus Payroll Services has established an organization of service center offices that provide payroll, human resource and time and attendance services to tens of thousands of clients and write millions of paychecks using our state-of-the-art technology.
  7. Seven Figure Income Potential - Whether it be several hundred clients or the sale of your business at a reasonable multiple ... a million dollars is not pie-in-the-sky in the payroll industry.

*Reference a third party's 31 page analysis on payroll outsourcing on the timeplus homepage.

It's important to know: What TimePlus Payroll Services does NOT have:

  • NO Royalties - Budgeting is easy with set monthly fees and per transaction & usage fees
  • NO Territorial Restrictions - You can get business anywhere in the U.S. that you are referred to.
  • NOT Capital Intensive - No large site or store front is needed, equipment needs are a computer and printer
  • NO Inventory - You only need paper and toner
  • NOT Location Specific - No retail or expensive office space required, not affected by anchor stores or road changes
  • NO Weekend or Evening Work - Monday through Friday, 8 to 5
  • NO Accounts Receivable - You collect your fees when you electronically debit your invoice from each client's bank account along with the payroll on check date.
  • LOW Advertising Budget - No money spent on expensive print ads, radio, or creating marketing material. Most service centers just have yellow page ads and the literature we have developed to help you market and advertise yourself with.
  • NO Hard Selling - 91% of our business is referred to us, cold calling and telemarketing are used as filler, you are developing business relationships, not constantly cold calling

What we DO have:

  • A Fast Return - Profit margins of 40-60%, starting with your first few clients
  • Recurring Revenue - Over 85% client retention, average client yields $1,200 annually
  • Security - If you choose to exit the business and your life-time residuals, there is always someone willing to buy your book of business
  • Potential - 9+ million business are prospects for our services
  • Support - A very knowledgeable staff of payroll professionals, many with CPP credentials, from around the industry at our corporate office ready to help
  • Tools - Because we're in the business as well, we're always developing new products and services for you to sell to your customers
  • Recession Resistant - Our industry shows steady growth over the periods of slow economic growth over the past 50+ years

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