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With the Interface Financial Group
your money can work for you!

  • IFG provides short-term cash flow assistance for small businesses by purchasing selected invoices at a discount
  • IFG Franchisees work primarily with small expanding companies that find it difficult to attract conventional funding
  • IFG Clients can convert an accounts receivable invoice, due in 30 - 45 days, into a "cash-on-delivery" sale and that means immediate cash for them!

Over 36 + Years of Invoice Discounting Experience
translates into an
Unmatched Franchise Opportunity for You!

Flexible - Portable - Low Overhead & Start up Costs
Proven System - Outstanding Support

  • Work Full time or Part time - You're the boss so you can set your own hours. - It's your choice!
  • Unique Market Niche - A wide range of industries and markets benefit from the Interface Invoice Discounting system; you can focus on one industry or branch out to several markets. - It's your choice!
  • Transition Vehicle - Keep your current job & paycheck while building your IFG business. - It's your choice!
  • Integrate other business/financial Services - If you're currently offering other business and/or financial services, then an Interface operation will easily integrate into your existing format.
  • Your Working Capital - Client funding requirements range from "smaller to larger". - It's your choice how or where you position yourself!
  • IFG is "Portable" - It's easy to relocate, even across the country and take your IFG franchise with you.
  • Low Overhead - NO employees, NO inventory, NO custom equipment to buy, NO office rent - because you can operate your IFG business from your home office.
  • Low Start Up Costs - To be in business with Interface you will need-a telephone, fax machine and computer with high speed internet access-and some gas in your car to visit your clients-they don't come to you.
  • Risk Management Program - IFG's Risk Management Program, perfected through more than 30 years of invoice discounting experience, is one of the key success factors of IFG & our franchisees.
  • Proven System - IFG franchisees are collectively discounting tens of millions of dollars worth of invoices annually - and have been for many years.
  • Outstanding Support - Franchisees say "It is great support, always there when you need it!"

IFG Franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds & experience but they all exhibit the following:

  • Excellent Communication Skills - Verbal & written
  • Decision Makers - Based on capable evaluation of data
  • Problem Solvers - Proactive & creative within proven guidelines
  • Relationship Builders - Listening, effort, follow-up & understanding lead to success
  • An Entrepreneurial Spirit - Taking the initiative; accepting and accomplishing more than your share of the work; willingness to work hard; established.
  • A Strong Business Background - The ability to grasp financial issues is a necessary ingredient for success. It is not a strict requirement that Interface franchisees have a background in finance, banking or accounting; however a strong business background is a major plus!

"Interface is North America's largest alternative funding source for small business"

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