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Thank you for looking into the Growth Coach®. We are the leader in business coaching. Our coaches are located throughout the United States and Canada to facilitate The Strategic Mindset® Process. We offer our coaching and accountability services on a group and individual basis. We help drive our clients' success and balance their lives. In short, we help clients to become more focused, effective and strategic; to earn more money while working less.

At this website, you can learn about the year-round coaching and accountability services we provide to clients. You can also locate a coach in your area to help you earn more money, work less, and enjoy a richer life.


We help enhance the Strategic Mindset®, focus and results of entrepreneurs. We provide clients (business owners, professionals and executives) with the following coaching services on a unique money-back guarantee basis:

  • Quarterly group coaching and accountability workshops - a full-day personal strategic retreat every 90 days for busy entrepreneurs to slow down, reflect and decide on critical changes to improve their businesses and lives
  • One-on-one, face-to-face coaching sessions for clients requiring additional attention and follow-up
  • The Coaching ClubSM - for Clients who desire affordable, on-demand coaching via telephone, fax or e-mail from the convenience of their own home or office location
  • Special project assistance - helping clients get the important and strategic projects "done" in their organizations


Small business coaching is a high-growth industry. There are over 25 million small businesses and self-employed professionals in the United States. These companies are typically operated by an owner who started the company, but who has little or no formal training in managing and growing a business. As a result, most owners over time tend to become overworked and overwhelmed with low-value activities. They very often lose focus and fail to take advantage of their time and talents. They need a proven coaching process that will help them sharpen their vision, goals and focus. A process that will help them concentrate their talents, energy and efforts on high-priority, high-return actions.

That's where The Growth Coach® comes in. We are the leader in Business Coaching. Our clients are business owners, professionals and executives. As one of our coaches, you will be armed with a unique, proven, strategic-process to help your clients achieve high-end results. You'll help drive their success and balance their lives. Our coaches facilitate a quarterly coaching and accountability process in a group format that is highly desired by our clients and is pretty well recession proof. Best yet, we guarantee client satisfaction. In the end, our clients make more money, work less and enjoy richer lives.


Most business owners, professionals and executives feel they work too hard and make too little. Many are overwhelmed and frustrated. At times, they may even feel like a prisoner to their business. As a result, they need to discover how to work smarter, not harder. How to carve out more free time. How to become more focused and effective. As in sports, they need a strategy and a proven process with them in mind.


Time is limited. Every minute counts. As a Growth Coach® franchise, you'll learn how to leverage your time by facilitating group coaching sessions and using our proven, proprietary process. The quarterly coaching and accountability program will be the heart and soul of your business. In addition, if you choose, you will be able to work with clients on a one-on-one, face-to-face basis, provide clients with on-demand coaching via telephone, fax or e-mail and help their companies with special projects. In summary, you'll have multiple revenue streams. All our services are designed to be easy to deliver. To fit any client need and budget. Just follow our proven process.


To have a successful coaching business, a person needs to truly understand and appreciate how important it is to have the right image. After all, the image you create in the marketplace for your business will ultimately determine the level of your success. But, it takes specialized knowledge and money to do it right. For this reason, The Growth Coach® has created the most complete and sophisticated on-going image-building program in the industry.


Coaching is a noble profession where you can make a difference in the lives of others while fulfilling your own ambitions. If you enjoy helping others, this home-based, high-margin business offers you a flexible, fulfilling and financially rewarding lifestyle. Best of all, you don't need any coaching or business experience. As a Growth Coach® franchisee, you will be supplied with one of the most advanced coaching systems available. You will be taught everything you need to know about coaching, marketing and operating your business. We will help take the fear and uncertainty out of the business start-up process.


Our business model is flexible and easy to operate. You can run this business part-time or full-time. With or without employees. From home or out of a small office. You can even ramp up this business while you wind down another career or business. You set your working schedule.


We look for people with the intelligence, desire, energy and enthusiasm to make The Growth Coach® a trusted brand name in the marketplace. They must share our philosophy.

We are the leader in small business and self-employed coaching. We help drive the success and balance the lives of our clients. Our coaches facilitate a unique and powerful strategic focusing process that helps business owners improve their clarity, effectiveness and results.

A visit to the corporate office will demonstrate the effectiveness and thoroughness of our unique operating and marketing program. As innovators, we are on the leading edge of a major growth industry. This is the opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor and reserve an exclusive territory.

We invite you to learn more about the Growth Coach® franchise and the opportunities it offers. Call today and secure your financial independence by helping others succeed.


"We help business owners, professionals and executives discover the strategic approach to growing their businesses. We help drive their success and balance their lives. In the end, our goal is to have our clients work less, earn more money and enjoy greater lives. Our clients are the foundation of our business ... and we must act accordingly."

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