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The Alternative Board® brings together owners, CEOs and presidents of privately owned businesses on informal boards, consisting of up to 12 members and meeting monthly under the guidance of a TAB-Certified Facilitator.

As a TAB Board Member, operating in a confidential "think tank" atmosphere, you will receive:

  • Cutting-edge solutions to your business challenges from your TAB Board Members
  • Private monthly coaching sessions with a TAB-Certified Facilitator to help you lead your business strategically
  • Real-world business tips and strategies delivered in a monthly Tips from the Top® newsletter
  • Members-only online business resources
  • Formal Management Diagnostic Questionnaire

The Alternative Board has helped over 5,000 companies throughout North and South America.

Prospective Facilitator Overview

Take charge of your future with The Alternative Board

If you're like most of our top-notch consultants, former corporate executives or entrepreneurs, you'll find tremendous satisfaction with TAB in helping owners of privately held businesses achieve their vision of success, if any of the following points apply to you.

  • You want to achieve professional satisfaction from a work experience in which you can apply your aptitude, strengths and business experience.
  • You seek significant, consistent and predictable cash flow from membership dues.
  • You seek expanded consulting opportunities.
  • You do not want to travel out-of-town to see clients and would prefer only a local client base.
  • You want to control the hours that you work and improve your work/life balance.
  • You seek job security and control of your career.
  • You seek effective marketing methods and materials.
  • You want sales support without having to make cold calls.
  • You want to build up equity with a viable exit strategy.
  • You want to save time on billing, collection and other administrative tasks.
  • You want to market in a protected territory with no inter-company competition.
  • You could benefit from enhanced local image and prestige resulting from an international brand name recognition.
  • You want to benefit from national and local awareness generated from organization-wide media exposure.

What a TAB-Certified Facilitator does

  • Presents general information meetings for prospective TAB Board members in either a group projection or individual desktop setting.
  • Conducts prospective new member interviews.
  • Facilitates monthly meetings of owners, CEO's and presidents of privately-owned companies on peer advisory boards, consisting of up to 12 members from non-competing businesses.
  • Coaches TAB Board members in private individual coaching sessions using the Strategic Business Leadership process.

Facilitator Attributes

  • "Take charge" personality
  • Desire to control own destiny
  • Persuasive
  • Strong group and individual communication skills
  • Comfortable advising business owners/CEOs
  • Motivated by risk/reward opportunities
  • Enthusiastic

Increasing your income with TAB

  • Initiation fees and membership dues from TAB Board members
  • Expanded consulting opportunities from TAB Board members and their network of referrals

To help you build your The Alternative Board territory easily and successfully, TAB's Corporate Office provides extensive support.


From direct mail and telemarketing campaign management to topical presentations, TAB's Marketing Department is committed to your success. Additional support highlights include:

  • Tips from the Top monthly newsletter with editorial content authored by both TAB members and facilitators.
  • Business topic presentations for educational value in your TAB Board meetings.
  • A marketing fund for brand awareness, materials development, public relations and more!


You can manage and grow your TAB business more effectively with leading edge TAB-tailored products.

  • Strategic Business Leadership® is our proprietary coaching process to help business owners lead their businesses strategically rather than by "idea of the week."
  • Pipeline Management Tool helps you stay organized and maintain effective contact streams regarding marketing campaigns, prospects, TAB Board Meetings and more!
  • Management Diagnostic Questionnaire helps you analyze an owner's business by comparing what its management believes are the driving forces of the business to their actual current business practices.


Beginning at our world headquarters in Denver, Colorado, you'll learn all you need to know from Board start-up and sales skills to private coaching sessions and delivering on TAB's mission to help business owners achieve their vision.

  • In your territory, you'll benefit from a dedicated, seasoned TAB "pro" who will initially help you with prospect development and launching your first TAB Boards successfully.
  • You can count on an established TAB-Certified Facilitator to be your personal coach committed to your success.

Corporate Resources

From information sharing to administrative accounting support and conferences, TAB keeps you informed, supplied with helpful tools, and networked with other TAB-Certified Facilitators.

  • New Member Kit is provided to each new TAB Board Member to help maximize their TAB experience.
  • Hotline features an additional research option for questions and issues from TAB Boards worldwide.
  • TAB Web site includes a library for historical reference of many information sources.
  • Administrative Accounting Support saves you time on billing and collection of member dues.
  • Conferences include an International Facilitator Conference twice annually for business workshops, networking and sharing best practices.

Thanks for visiting. We appreciate your interest in becoming a TAB-Certified Facilitator.

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