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All "Bounce Houses" are not created equal - Choose the one that's a jump ahead of the competition.

Sir Bouncealots is a unique Kids' Kingdom in which children bounce and slide on giant inflatable rides, and also create, paint, and decorate - letting their imaginations go and their pride show. They can even make a Sir Bouncealots brand stuffed animal complete with t-shirt to decorate, birth certificate, and heart.

Sir Bouncealots combines bouncing and crafting - enhancing kids' physical and creative lives and giving them the fitness and imaginative opportunities that too often are cut from school systems and busy lives.

And, at Sir Bouncealots, while kids bounce and craft, parents relax in the special adult area, which features computer kiosks, wi-fi, magazines, and complimentary gourmet coffee.

Sir Bouncealots is clean, safe, physical, and creative entertainment for kids 12 and under, and a Sir Bouncealots franchise is a great opportunity - for peace of mind, health, and a better way to live and work in this world.

Is a Sir Bouncealots franchise right for you?

Do you want a more family-focused lifestyle? Do you share Sir Bouncealots' vision for a cleaner, safer, more stimulating brand of family entertainment? Are you willing to work hard - and be rewarded with laughing kids and smiling parents?

Sir Bouncealots is seeking entrepreneurs who answer yes to these questions - and who want to partner with Sir Bouncealots to grow this unique children's kingdom.

There are so many reasons to choose a Sir Bouncealots...

  • Owners Dave and Amy have been trained by certified inflatable ride safety inspectors. They know where the laws are going in your state, and how to make sure each Sir Bouncealots franchise is ahead of the competition with regards to regional and national safety standards for inflatable rides.
  • You'll get one-one-one support through every stage of planning and running your Sir Bouncealots. From selecting a site, to onsite training and your grand opening, to ongoing operations and marketing, Sir Bouncealots is there for you.
  • Sir Bouncealots has combined two favorite kids' pastimes - bouncing and crafting. In doing this, Sir Bouncealots has gone through the critical trial-and-error period of determining packages and costs, choosing popular crafts, finding overseas suppliers, and developing crafting systems for parties and Open Play. How does one route 25 kids through a craft room in 90 minutes, ensuring every child creates a masterpiece, has a blast, and still gets no paint on the bouncers? The answer comes from Sir Bouncealots' customers: "They have it down to a science."
  • Owners Dave and Amy are professionals. Dave has a 20-year career in IT and operations management. Amy comes from a 15-year marketing background, specializing in copywriting and advertising. They have combined their skills in every aspect of Sir Bouncealots.
  • Sir Bouncealots is constantly improving, evolving to create more revenue opportunities. For example, after much negotiating with various venders, Sir Bouncealots now is offering the exclusive Sir Bouncealots' stuffed animal line. Monkeys, elephants, bears, and even the Sir Bouncealots dragon are now available for kids to stuff and bring home as their new, furry best friends. This is just one of the many ways Sir Bouncealots is constantly expanding and enhancing its core offerings.

How to get started

People who want to open a Sir Bouncealots are those with a strong work ethic and a propensity to work hard. Chances are these people work long hours at their corporate jobs, putting their heart and soul into someone else's success. Now, it may be time these hard workers want to invest that very same passion and energy into something that's their very own.

If you are one of these people, Sir Bouncealots would be honored to get to know you better.

The total initial investment for a Sir Bouncealots franchise includes, but is not limited to, personal and professional support from Sir Bouncealots in:

  • Site selection
  • Design and build-out
  • Training
  • Grand Opening
  • Marketing
  • Ongoing management and operations

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