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Welcome to Shane's

Ribs, chicken, and a whole lot more. You heard it here first: Shane's Rib Shack is as good as it gets.

Everything at Shane's is good. Heck, kids even fight over the T-shirts. It's down home BBQ in suburban locations. Picture the Cleavers, faces sloppy from the secret sauce, and you'll have an idea of what we mean.

  • BBQ style, comfy hang out: we call it "shabby chic"
    - it works for BBQ.
  • Ribs, chicken, and more
  • Secret sauce. Period. Not saying another word about it.

The bottom line: Shane's is real food, for real people. It reminds you of home, without being too down home. All we can say is - visit and you'll know. You'll be a Shane-iac just like everyone else who's tasted it.

Shane's is real food from real people. It's neither country nor hip. Not 'street corner', not fancy shmancy. It's darn good BBQ, an atmosphere where families can relax, and it's easy to get to. BBQ for the masses, if you will.

Shane's is a part of the Raving Brands family of restaurants. The people who brought you Moe's Southwest Grill and Planet Smoothie now bring you fast casual BBQ that'll knock your socks off.

Franchise Support

Shane's provides a full range of systems and tools proven to build a successful restaurant. Just add a little elbow grease and 'voila!' - you're a success.

We've done this before, and we've done it for many different concepts. The result is comprehensive support - from real estate selection to build out, from purchasing to marketing.

Site Selection

Prime locations are not always easy to come by. Therefore, our highly experienced real estate team will assist you in identifying and securing prime real estate sites to ensure that you select a location with the best chance for success. Once potential sites are identified, we assist in negotiating leases for a variety of issues including price per square foot, build-out time and allowances, renewal terms, etc.

Raving Brands has so many concepts, each of different sizes, demographics, and requirements, that landlords call us first. We get some of the best spots in the country.


Economies of scale are a beautiful thing. We have negotiated- and volume-pricing with architects, general contractors, interior and exterior sign vendors, lighting and equipment suppliers, and many others. Each of whom knows our business, knows our requirements, and knows our timelines.

Equipment Package

Shane's supports you with a consolidated equipment package that covers every piece of equipment in your restaurant, from tongs and spatulas to the ice machine. Because of volume purchasing discounts, you get a better deal than you would on your own. We continue to refine the requirements so that you get the exact equipment your restaurant needs.

Complete Training Program

You will earn the right to open your restaurant once you have completed both our classroom and on-site training programs. You'll learn everything you need to know in order to manage your business, and how to teach others to meet expectations. You'll even learn the secret to the sauce and the secret handshake that goes along with it (just kidding about the handshake part, you'll actually carry a license at all times).

From there you'll develop a sales and marketing plan, learn to be mayor of your village, and then hit the ground running with a family-style, community-based restaurant that no one can get enough of.

Operation Manual and Ongoing Support

This manual provides detailed instructions on hiring, training, and motivating employees, day-to-day operations, and accounting. It's a blueprint for all of our operational systems, so we require everyone to keep it under their pillows at night.

But support doesn't end once your store is built, your staff trained, and your business is opened. Each store is assigned a business consultant who will assist in the strategic and operational questions that you will inevitably encounter after your Grand Opening. We're here to motivate, encourage, and share best practices.

All of our business consultants have extensive franchise operations experience and can help you through some of the finer points of operating your business - from scheduling to accounting, from driving top-level sales to cutting costs without cutting quality. We're accountable to each other - so our business consultants are there to make you the best you can be.

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