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Schakolad (pronounced shaq-oh-LAD) - a combination of "Schaked" and "Chocolate" - is a name associated with three generations of chocolate making.

Baruch Schaked, founder of Schakolad, has been a chocolate maker since 1969. He began his career as a chocolatier in Argentina while working for his father-in-law, Gustavo Bar, who was the owner of one of South America's largest chocolate factories.

Mr. Schaked traveled extensively through Europe to participate in courses and seminars at prestigious schools, where he mastered the art of chocolate making. While in the United States, he produced numerous first-prize truffles at the Fontainebleau Chocolate Festival, including a spectacular, scrumptious raspberry truffle.

And, that is just the beginning of the story.

After The Schaked's chocolate adventure started when Baruch Schaked announced that he was selling his chocolate shop in South Florida in order to retire. His son, Edgar, determined to keep the family's passion alive, scrapped his engineering career to continue the family legacy. In 1995, the first Schakolad Chocolate Factory opened in Winter Park, Florida.

In 1999, Schakolad began franchising their unique system. Schakolad is currently expanding their network of stores throughout the Eastern Seaboard of the United States as well as into the South and the Midwest.

The Schakolad secret is not only the recipe, but their art of quality chocolate making... using European chocolate and preparing each of their 70 varieties of delicacies by hand, fresh at each location.

Picture a lady walking by the front of a Schakolad Chocolate Factory store. She watches as we dip a fresh strawberry into the "river of chocolate." We take the fruit out of the chocolate, and notice her eyes widen at the sight of the chocolate dipped-berry. The wonderful aroma of chocolate invites her into the store.

As she enters the store, we offer her a freshly dipped strawberry as a sample. Watch the expression on her face as she tastes the sweet fruit. Do you think she will be tempted to buy a box of fresh Schakolad chocolates, or even become a repeat customer?

Imagine yourself being your own boss in this exciting business. Running an upscale establishment and having fun while doing it! Schakolad Chocolate Factory will help you achieve this. With more than 40 years of experience in the chocolate manufacturing field, we will teach you in easy steps to make delicious chocolate.

We will teach you how to prepare award winning truffles, exotic chocolate covered fruits, mouth-watering clusters and an extensive line of custom chocolate shapes. All you need is the desire, enthusiasm, and determination.

The Schakolad concept is quite unique! Typical Schakolad stores range between 800-1,600 sq. ft. in size. In this space you'll be able to prepare and sell the most delicious and fresh chocolates you have ever tasted. One of the secrets of the Schakolad success is finding a location that has high traffic. The more people that see you making fresh confections in the "river of chocolate", the more customers you will attract.

Some Schakolad stores also offer coffee beverages as well as our own blend of Schako Latte™. Fresh chocolate and beverages prove to be a great combination in drawing a large amount of customers throughout the day.

But that is not all... Schakolad Chocolate Factory has developed their franchise concept in a unique way.

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