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Today's Leader in Innovative Sales and Sales Management Training

For more than 30 years, Sandler has been a leader in sales and sales management training. Sandler's distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology have helped salespeople and sales managers at every level take charge of the selling process. Sandler training is designed to create lasting "performance improvement" rather than the motivational "quick fix" typical of many seminar-based training efforts. To do so, Sandler relies on "reinforcement training" - a system that combines quality review materials along with access to ongoing training workshops and individual coaching sessions.

Sales Training Can Make a Job a Career

Developing skills, understanding what motivates prospects, and making permanent, positive changes in your selling behaviors - there's the Sandler Sales Institute, then there's everyone else! Sandler sales training is no quick-fix sales seminar. The Sandler Selling System is a proven, supportive, reinforcement-based approach to sales that can put your career permanently on the upswing.

Sales Management Training - Meeting the Challenge

Being a sales manager is a true challenge. The effective manager must be a shrewd judge of potential, a motivator, a coach, and an astute analyst. Sandler's sales management training provides the tools to perform all these roles.


Are You Thinking About a New Career Direction?

Since 1983, many successful people in the United States and Canada have left powerful positions in sales and sales management to start their own Sandler Sales Institute franchises. Many were also looking for more freedom and flexibility in their personal lives. And for those that put forth the effort, Sandler delivers. As a Sandler franchisee, you own your business; it doesn't own you.

Recently named the Top Sales Management Training Franchise for the 5th time by Entrepreneur Magazine, The Sandler Sales Institute has been providing top-notch innovative and effective sales and sales management training to clients in the U.S. and Canada for almost two decades. You can be a part of this respected network of trainers, and own a business in which your earning potential is directly related to your enthusiasm and dedication.

Our mission is to be the largest and most effective Sales and Sales Management training organization in the world.

To this end, we dedicate ourselves to the advancement of all salespeople who are committed to professionalism, integrity and the achievement of their dreams.


David H. Sandler, founder of the Sandler Sales Institute, began sales training and developing the Sandler Selling System in the late '60s and early '70s. He created an extraordinary sales training program for small and mid-sized companies, Fortune 500 corporations, and individual non-selling professionals.

Sandler expanded our marketplace impact in 1983 by franchising our proprietary training programs as the Sandler Sales Institute. In 1995, David Sandler died, but his legacy lives on through the national entrepreneurial network of approximately 160 Sandler trainers and consultants who continue to deliver exceptional training to the marketplace.

Sandler Awards & Recognition

Sandler has been named The #1 Franchisor in the Management Training Programs Category Five Times by Entrepreneur Magazine.

First Sales Training Programs to be Certified by Accrediting Body Recognized by the Dutch Council for Accreditation.

BUT NOT BY YOURSELF Personal Coaching

As a new Sandler franchisee, you'll begin with an intensive, 8 day Initial Training program. You'll learn about the Sandler Selling System and how to deliver the material to clients, and you'll get information on the basics of setting up your business as well as programs Sandler has in place to jump-start your new business.

It's been said that when you own your own franchise you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. At Sandler we go the extra step by providing you with a personal coach to help get you off to a fast start.

"Hands-On" Coaching

Whether you call once a week or once a day, your coach will provide guidance and reinforcement, working with you "hands-on" in all aspects of your new business, including the best approach to take with a potential client, debriefing and critiquing sales calls and helping you identify potential clients in your marketplace.

Site Visits

Periodically, Home Office coaches conduct site visits in the field. They'll observe your training sessions, get a first-hand look at how you operate your business, and give you relevant feedback based on what's going on day-to-day in your operation.


The Sandler Selling System stresses reinforcement, and that philosophy is the same for our franchisees. In addition to personal coaching, we offer conferences three times a year to "train the trainers." The conferences are packed with sessions to help you become an effective trainer and business owner. It's your best opportunity to talk to other franchisees from across the country.

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