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RSVP - Direct Mail to the Upscale™

In 1985 RSVP Publications started mailing postcard packages to upscale owner-occupied homes in the San Francisco bay area. Today RSVP is mailed to upscale, owner-occupied homes in over 100 metropolitan markets across the nation. We are known as an Upscale Cooperative Direct Mailer.

Why RSVP is so Successful:

  • Pinpoints Target Markets: RSVP targets high end, owner-occupied homeowners using our own in-house database of quality, 30-day-old listing information.
  • Cost Effectiveness: RSVP is a bargain. Charges range from only 5 to 7¢ per home. Every dollar spent goes toward reaching a specialized market of qualified consumers.
  • Promotes Consumer Action: RSVP cards are designed to evoke a response from consumers. Returning the card results in obtaining more information or special savings on a service or product.
  • Measurable Results: Responses are easily tracked, allowing advertisers to measure their success and see exactly what their ad dollars are buying.
  • Ensures Individualized Attention: Each separate RSVP postcard will be handled and read individually.
  • Personally Addressed: Each package is printed with the homeowner's name and address: no "current resident" or "lucky occupant".

The postcard deck allows the homeowner to respond in THREE ways:

  1. The homeowner can mail the postcard back to the advertiser.
  2. The homeowner can call the advertiser.
  3. The homeowner can return the postcard to the advertiser's showroom or directly to the restaurant or retail store.

A Turn-Key, Proven Business System

RSVP offers a time-tested and rewarding franchise opportunity. Thousands of clients have used RSVP for over 20 years. With this experience, we know what works for our clients. RSVP is a proven concept that gives franchisees a winning combination:

  • Very affordable, turn-key system
  • No inventory or equipment needed
  • Choice territories still available
  • Quite simply, the most impressive co-op mailer created anywhere

Advertisers Get Results With RSVP, Making Your Business Successful and Exciting

"I have been advertising with you for over 3 years. Each time, the mailers have generated at least 6 to 10 times the cost."
Joel B. Krieger, President, Steamatic of Dade County, Inc., Miami, FL

"This is the best response we have received in ten years on an advertising investment. Our sales increased 2x's for the month that the ad went out."
Diane Noeske, General Manager, Capri Carpet & Interiors, Inc., San Jose, CA

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