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Rasoee - The Indian Kitchen is a revolutionary chain of North American based quick-casual restaurants. Rasoee is the only restaurant of it's kind in the world; serving authentic Indian cuisine, individually portioned, in under 2 minutes. Rasoee franchisees enjoy the following benefits:

  • The restaurants operate entirely without cooks or chefs.
  • With no venting or complicated kitchens, restaurant construction costs are exceptionally low. This makes Rasoee the perfect alternative for re-bannering any poorly performing store.
  • Operating costs are significantly reduced - two or three minimum wage employees run the entire restaurant by simply heating and serving fresh, never frozen, healthy (no trans fats or cholesterol) pre-prepared food.
  • There is virtually zero waste.
  • Rasoee features award winning recipes, developed by a 4th generation Indian family of chefs, which have been carefully modified to appeal to the North American palate.
  • Franchisees can monitor their stores from anywhere in the world with an unobtrusive, internet-based, camera system.

With the above advantages, very low break-even costs, a mainstream customer base, and high repeat business (50% of Rasoee customers visit more than once/week), it's certainly no surprise that industry experts have identified Rasoee as "the one to watch."

Rasoee was Voted Best Indian Restaurant in 2006!

Rasoee's new restaurant design fuses contemporary western and ancient Indian design philosophies. The Rasoee store design incorporates the VASTU principles which aim to harmonize body and soul to the environment -- an oasis from the hectic everyday life by providing a soothing environment to complement our carefully prepared cuisine.

Rasoee's proprietary operational systems and original recipes allow the restaurants to run with minimal staffing. Furthermore, the relatively modest required investment coupled with a very low breakeven point makes a Rasoee a winning restaurant franchise opportunity.

These qualities make Rasoee The Indian Kitchen franchise a successful and rewarding restaurant franchise opportunity.

Net Worth Requirements - Single Units

The cost of establishing a Rasoee franchise will vary according to the location, size, and degree of leasehold improvements required on the property. Accordingly, a minimum of twenty-five percent of the total start-up costs must be funded from the franchisees personal liquid resources.

Net Worth Requirements - Multiple Units

Area development rights can be made available on a select basis to individuals wishing to own multiple units. Minimum net worth requirements in such cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Start-Up Costs

The total initial investment in a Rasoee unit (including franchise fees, construction and start-up expenses)can range between approximately one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars and two-hundred thousand dollars. This amount may vary depending on several external factors beyond the control of the Franchisor.

A Winning Partnership

Franchisee Support

Rasoee has organized a comprehensive training program for our franchisees. Our training program principally focuses on food preparation, restaurant operations, inventory management and financial / legal obligations required to run a company. The food preparation segment of the program is Rasoee's key advantage in the industry.

Our proprietary production systems allow minimum staffing and minimal product knowledge, while delivering award winning gourmet cuisine within minutes. Similarly, Rasoee's carefully organized operational procedures have been designed to deliver a high level of guest experience with a simplistic and efficient work load that is executed by minimal staffing requirements.

Accordingly, our inventory control measures allow for automated check points that give the restaurant operator complete control of the cash flows and requisite level of inventories. Rasoee's strong partnership and impeccable history with third party suppliers allows for a reliable relationship, fair prices, and continuous product / business development initiatives. Finally, our carefully prepared financial and legal corporate paperwork protocols, and internal measurements are easy to understand and efficient to follow even for a first timer to the business.

Ongoing Support & Development

Rasoee has web-based and traditional systems in place that allow for ongoing franchisee support and training. Our comprehensive training manual and ongoing interactions will keep service at the restaurants level fresh and exciting throughout our partnership. Additionally, the Rasoee Chefs and management team are continuously developing new recipes to keep up with current food trends (no trans fats, Omega-3/multigrain Naan breads) in the dynamic world of foodservice.

The Rasoee franchise partnership will provide all the tools needed to comfortably run the Rasoee restaurant throughout the process. We have carefully designed the system in order to allow the franchisee to focus largely on the guest experience and build the business with personal relationships; while the business and food production details run meticulously in parallel.

Voted Best Indian Restaurant
The Markham Economist & Sun

Rasoee's recipes use cholesterol-free
canola oil instead of ghee (clarified butter)
and they're prepped to appeal to a universal palate.

Foodservice and Hospitality, November 2007

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