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Rapid Recovery is made up of a dedicated group of franchise owners. These owners strive to provide high quality, cost effective refrigerant abatement solutions. If you are responsible, hardworking, self motivated and looking for a business opportunity, you've come to the right place. A Rapid Recovery franchise is an excellent way to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, because the franchisor is always there to help. Our franchise system provides a method of doing business that has been tested over time in the marketplace. The system provides expertise, experience and continuous advertising and marketing support.


Rapid Recovery makes available the finest refrigerant recovery equipment in the industry. The recovery equipment is designed, built, and tested in house. It is then sent to an approved lab for rigorous testing prior to being placed in the field. Rapid Recovery receives inquiries about purchasing their refrigerant recovery machines on a regular basis, but they are only available to Rapid Recovery franchisees. Rapid Recovery franchisees utilize the only certified gas powered refrigerant recovery machines available!

Invoicing / Collection Calls

With only 24 hours per day, the last thing you need to do when you get home is enter data so that you can get your invoicing out. You also won't want to spend weekends reviewing your accounts to see who is past due so you can make collection calls. Rest assured that Rapid Recovery thought of this when choosing owner operators as their choice for franchisees. After a day's work you simply send over your work orders for the day and everything will be invoiced by the Rapid Recovery support staff. That same staff will also make the dreaded collection calls for you so that you can continue to work in the field and meet new customers.

Bill Paying

To further assist you with operating your business, the Rapid Recovery support staff will make sure that your accounts payable are current. One of the most common mistakes made by business owners is managing cash flow. They miss a few payments and may be placed on credit hold, which further hurts their cash flow. In a national franchise operation, one franchise that gets into cash flow trouble could affect the ability of all of the others to maintain credit at shared vendors. Rapid Recovery has addressed this issue specifically in order to benefit the growth and success of your business.

Graphic Art Work for Advertising & Marketing

A marketing and advertising mix are necessary to get your name out to your customers. Not just any ad or marketing will do! Rapid Recovery has a dedicated team in place to assist in preparing advertisements and marketing materials. It is not enough to just "place an ad". Our team has been running successful advertising and marketing campaigns for years. Our brand is well known in the industries we serve.

Payroll Services and Benefits

Payroll may be the most time consuming of all tasks for a business owner. It requires effort every day and also requires the managing of payroll taxes and benefits. Rapid Recovery has teamed with Administaff to ensure that you won't get bogged down under the heavy burden of payroll and its related tasks. In addition, Rapid Recovery currently provides many benefits, including medical, dental, vision and 401K. Administaff will also assist in finding and interviewing potential employees. The benefits brought to our franchisees through this program are tremendous.

Phone Assistance

Rapid Recovery maintains a national toll free number and a top notch, friendly support staff to field the calls and direct the callers to the appropriate franchise. You may have your local calls answered by our staff for short periods of time in which you may be unable to take calls. Since you will be on the road performing sales and service jobs, your customers are able to fax paperwork to us. Our support staff will let you know it has arrived and wait for your instructions on how to proceed. In addition, our support staff will prepare and send out quotes for you. The Rapid Recovery support staff is the equivalent of a full office staff and is provided by Rapid Recovery. All of this to ensure that your time is well spent meeting new customers and maintaining existing customer relationships.


Rapid Recovery is a technology centric company. We strive to use current technology to increase our value to our customers, franchisees, and employees. You are given access to the servers in our corporate office via multiple high speed T-1 connections to the Internet. This allows you to use our software to view financial data and track customers via your own database. In addition, you have access to a knowledge base of data which includes custom reports, frequently asked questions, charts, financial trends and other useful information. Many franchisees opt to use laptops and high speed mobile broadband in order to utilize these resources while in the field.

Data collection and storage is often nonexistent in small companies. We have carefully considered what data needs to be stored to allow us to create top notch reports for our customers and to allow us to see historical trends. We have equipment in our server rack that provides multiple levels of redundancy to prevent power and data loss.

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