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The Popeyes story began in New Orleans back in 1972, when Al Copeland opened a quick-service restaurant called "Chicken on the Run," selling traditional mild fried chicken to the downtown lunch crowd. But business was slow, and Copeland realized that he'd have to develop a spicier alternative to his standard chicken recipe if he wanted to impress flavor-seeking New Orleanians.

Experimenting with the flavorful Cajun recipes he'd been enjoying all his life, Copeland developed a new menu, reopened his restaurant - now called "Popeyes"- and soon had customers lining up around the block for his spicy New Orleans-style fried chicken.

In 1976, Popeyes established its first franchise location, and over the next decade added 500 more. Thanks to great recipes, a franchise support system that was among the best in the quick-service food industry, and the help of one of the most effective jingles ever created - "Love That Chicken From Popeyes" - Popeyes continued its stunning growth, opening 200 additional restaurants over the next two years.

In 1993, under our new parent company AFC Enterprises, Inc., Popeyes launched a new era of expansion, concentrating in the west. 1994 saw the opening of our state-of-the-art Research Facility in Atlanta, Georgia, an investment that was to pay off two years later when Popeyes won awards for "Best Fried Chicken" in Dallas, Atlanta and New Orleans, a feat almost unheard of in the quick-service restaurant industry.

In 1996, just 20 years after the establishment of the first Popeyes franchise, a new landmark was reached when the 1,000th Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits Restaurant opened its doors. 1996 was also the year we launched our System Support Center to provide our franchisees with state-of-the-industry support for all their business needs.

Since 1997, Popeyes' growth has continued at an impressive rate, moving beyond the traditional franchise model to include building conversions as well as food court and in-line shopping center locations. 1999 was our system's first billion-dollar sales year; and in 2000, sales jumped to $1.2 billion.

As we approach our 30th anniversary, we're launching perhaps our most ambitious venture yet - the redesign of our Popeyes restaurants to reflect our New Orleans heritage, and to take advantage of the growing market for Cajun cuisine. We've created a bright, colorful new "Heritage" look and lots of exciting new dishes to help promote our new concept.

The Popeyes® Business Support Center provides state-of-the-industry franchise support for our franchisees. Everything from site acceptance to training to marketing support is just a phone call away.

To help with opening your restaurant, you'll receive support from the experts on our Market Development Team. Prior to opening your restaurant, you'll attend a training program at our state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta. We'll also send a team to help train the staff of your new restaurant.

Once your restaurant is open, you'll be assigned a single point of contact from our Franchise Support Team who will help you choose and implement business-building programs. These programs are designed by the experts in their field to provide tools to help and support you as you work to become a successful Popeyes franchisee.

Additionally, we continue to develop and implement many in-restaurant operations improvements to deliver our delicious New Orleans-style menu to our customers more efficiently than ever before. We continuously evaluate our systems, from drive-thru to back office to production and point-of-sale to provide our franchisees the best programs available to support their restaurant operations.

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