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With over half of Americans overweight, its no wonder that millions are seeking a tasty dessert that wont make things worse... and, as is often the case: Grandma was right! Rice Pudding is much healthier than most popular desserts: Low in Fat, Low Calories, Low Cholesterol, Gluten Free, also No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, and No Artificial Flavors!

Of course, many of us remember Rice Pudding as kind of dull. But now, Miami Rice Pudding Company Franchisees offer over 35 delicious flavors! Clearly, Grandma has competition!

Once Moms and their kids discover the advantages of flavored Miami Rice Pudding over ice cream, gelato, pretzels and cookies, its an easy choice of where to go the next time the kids want a snack.

Our rice pudding stations are usually in a mall--maybe the food court, an in-line space, or a kiosk. While hundreds of people find us as they walk the mall, our mascot, Mr. Rice Guy, regularly walks around giving out free samples of our many of flavors. Once they have had a taste, dozens of customers head to our station for a full portion--repeating the common praise: This is Great!

The Key Benefits of the Miami Rice Pudding Franchise

The Miami Rice Pudding Company is offering a ground floor opportunity to join a network of mall-based pudding stations selling a wide variety of flavored rice pudding desserts--in cups and cones. We are already being approached by mall managers throughout the country asking us to bring our unique dessert to their location.

These are some of the key benefits of joining our system:

  • Customizable-Creative kids (from 4 to 104) love to customize their Miami Rice Pudding. Toppings like sprinkles, M&Ms, chopped nuts, and crushed candy bars, allow everyone to have it their way.
  • Low Food Costs--Our costs run only 16% to 20% for our great desserts, yet we have very little food preparation needs. A long shelf-life is an added bonus.
  • Simple Decor- Our 150 to 500 square foot shops can be easily duplicated at a low cost--in-line or as a kiosk.
  • Assistance in Advertising-- Our start-up team will help you get your unit off to a fast start, providing coupon, direct mail, newspaper, and public relations programs that work!
  • Protected Territory-Only one franchisee will be awarded the rights to operate in any geographic area.
  • Competitive Investment Level-- Franchise License Fees are only $24,500 but the first ten to join will enjoy sizable discounts. Our concept is ideal for multiple unit ownership and additional units are discounted 20%. Our experience and purchasing power will save you thousands of dollars as you build your restaurant.
  • Complete HQ Training and On-Going Assistance-- After your franchise license is signed, you will spend a week training in New Jersey. You will have food-service training, manuals, and extensive hands-on experience provided to ensure that you will be ready to provide Miami Rice Pudding desserts when you open.
  • Build-Out Assistance-Our Build-Out and Start-Up Manual will help you find a great site and develop your new restaurant. We have negotiated contracts with construction companies that will save you money and make sure your unit meets our standards.
  • Corporate R&D-Miami Rice Pudding is constantly evaluating new menu items, recipes, equipment, pricing, and marketing techniques to keep our concept fresh and your opportunity strong.

Miami Rice Pudding is The Dessert Concept of the Decade!

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