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Health, Wellness, and Success!
Massage Heights, do your part in
keeping your Community Healthy and Well.
The reward will come.

Unlike others we are not a concept. We are a proven business model over and over again. Everyone can name a Franchise that seemed to come from nowhere and almost immediately, and with seemingly little effort, create a larger than life "buzz" in the market place that others spend countless dollars and efforts trying to create. Then it's too late ... sold out.

Massage Heights is looking for people who know the importance of Health and Wellness and want to be known for helping others in their Community achieve it NOW!

The demand for alternative treatments for common disorders and diseases such as anxiety, stress relief, high blood pressure, circulation disorders and many other ailments is at an all time high and growing everyday. The statistics undeniably prove that more and more Americans are incorporating massage therapy into their wellness programs. Massage therapy's growing acceptance as a medical tool, particularly by the medical provider and insurance industries is greatly increasing opportunities. At Massage Heights we have made it not only affordable, but also convenient. The consumer's needs are for the first time in this industry being met.

At Massage Heights we know it isn't just about how much money you can make, it's about how you feel at the end of the day.

Showing you what you can potentially earn is the easy part. Having you day dream yourself into success and feeling the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with our opportunity may take a few days longer!

We are here to provide you with a detailed vision of your new life as a Massage Heights Retreat Owner. You may keep your job and hire a manager, you may become an owner operator, you might participate in raising funds for your community, and you may even invite your mother-in-law over for a free massage on her birthday. Any way you want to envision your new life, know that you have the backing of a team of professionals that are duplicating success all over the country.

We have a planned tour of our opportunity that in a short period of time will paint an accurate picture of what it takes to join our family and succeed. We waste no time sugar coating details as we believe those in the know our best geared for success with or without us.

Take a minute to request information, you will be glad that you did. If the timing is not right for you, pass the excitement on to someone in your community who may be a better fit. They will thank you for years to come!

We have many financing options available to help YOU take control of YOUR Nest Egg!

Here are a few of the reasons why we are the breakaway leader in the industry:

  • Smaller, more efficient footprint (1800-2400 sq ft)
  • Less clinical, more relaxing environment
  • Environmentally conscious company
  • Ergonomic workplace
  • Therapist Friendly environment
  • Large, comfortable Team Retreat allowing Massage Therapists to rest, relax and rejuvenate
  • Complimentary Aromatherapy for Members (A $20 value)
  • Full Employee Benefits for key personnel
  • Multiple streams of revenue for Franchisees such as:
    • Elevated Services (add on services)
    • "Heights at Home" brand building retail products
    • Multiple tiers of Lifestyle Programs; $49, $59 and $79 per month
  • Additional streams of revenue for Massage Therapists such as:
    • Elevated Services (add on services)
    • Incentive Programs
    • More service options for consumers
    • A culture that is learned, shaped and celebrated
    • Real Estate Optimization Tools that allow us to place units correctly, efficiently and ahead of the curve

Opportunity Types

There are three different types of franchise opportunities available with Massage Heights.

Single Unit - Massage Heights Single Unit License grants an individual or entity the right to own and operate an individual Massage Heights clinic in an approved business location.

Multi-Unit - Massage Heights Multi-Unit License grants an individual or entity the right to own and operate multiple Massage Heights clinics in approved business locations.

Master Franchise - Massage Heights Master Franchise License grants an individual or entity the right to assist Massage Heights headquarters in developing a specific exclusive territory. This assistance includes providing hands-on support in recruiting new franchisees, securing new locations, coordinating the clinic development process and providing local training and pre-opening support to new franchisees. On an ongoing basis, Master Franchisees remain available to support local Franchisees and receive a portion of the total franchise fees and royalties collected in their territory. Master Franchisees must own and operate their own Single Unit Franchise and have adequate capital and resources available to fulfill their responsibilities as Master Franchisees.

Whether you are interested in developing a single clinic, multiple clinics, or an entire territory, Massage Heights has the right opportunity for you.

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