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Looking for or Choosing a franchise - What is the next big thing?!

The American market is saturated with quick-serve, hamburger, chicken, and pizza concepts. In Europe the most popular quick-serve food is a variety of long sausages.

For decades, Americans have enjoyed the classic hot dog, now an icon in our culture. Americans have adamantly proclaimed their affection for the hot dog, frankfurter, frank, weenie, wiener, or dog. Mandler's has taken this American phenomenon one step further by upgrading it to a high quality 9 1/2" long European-style sausage alternative -- served as a full meal at a reasonable cost while providing an outstanding, tasty and appetizing feast.

Mandler's offers 9 1/2" long sausages in a variety of 11 different sausage recipes on 4 different types of freshly baked rolls, with flavorful toppings including sautéed onion and mushrooms, sauerkraut, special sauces, and a selection of gourmet mustards from our very own mustard bar.

There is nothing like Mandler's the Original Sausage Co. Mandler's provides a unique offering of a gourmet value meal and by doing so has created a new niche in the food industry. The Mandler's meal offers a quick serve gourmet value and is a proven concept. Eat in, take out, delivery and catering options make Mandler's a versatile eatery with a wide demographic appeal.

Design plays an integral role in the Mandler's concept, creating an environment that is both attractive and comfortable; Mandler's utilizes unique design elements combining modern and old-world styles.

After ten years of trials, research and development, Mandler's the Original Sausage Co. provides a revolutionary concept offering delicious European-inspired meals served in an appealing environment, based on an American favorite.

  • High Quality - Great Appeal: All Mandler's meals are cooked fresh right in front of the customer leaving them a craving for our sausages.
  • Minimal Labor Requirements: Simple preparation - No back of house cooking. The preparation and cooking of the food requires a small staff and minimal training.
  • Sausage Concept is Unique in the Gourmet Quick Casual Segment: Mandler's Created a New Category in the Market - There is a great potential for growth with the expansion of this new segment. No parallel competition - There is no direct competitor to Mandler's. This leaves a broad spectrum of opportunities.
  • Sausage has Diverse Appeal: A sausage for everyone - The sausage meal appeals to a wide demographic. Eleven different 9 1/2" long sausages cover a variety of taste preferences including the traditional Bratwurst and Knockwurst sausages, chicken, veggie, turkey, Andouille and Kosher beef, to name a few. Mandler's specials such as the Spanish mix and Mandler's in a blanket (Andouille sausage with cheese in a crusty pastry) are delicious choices for those looking for something different.

Mandler's Unique Advantage

  • Quality sausages in an array of flavors, served on a variety of freshly baked rolls
  • Exceptional signature toppings and sauces.
  • Our own exclusive Mustard Bar
  • Side dishes that complement Mandler's sausages and enhance our distinctiveness.
  • Beer and wine (draft beer as well), served to complete the sausage meal experience

Mandler's Franchise Program

Mandler's is a privately held company, family owned and operated. The Mandler's team is here to help nurture the growth of each franchise and develop Mandler's the Original Sausage Co. into a nation-wide chain while establishing a statement in quick-serve U.S. Market.

The Success of Mandler's The Original Sausage Co. is due to the time spent perfecting concept and system. A Mandler's franchisee has the privilege to be a part of that system. The Mandler's franchise program never leaves you guessing. Mandler's has outlined every detail of the business and provides the franchisee all of the necessary tools to run a successful Mandler's. The Mandler's team is always there when you are in need of assistance. When you join our program you will be trained in all our operational, marketing, computer, administrative, office and sales procedures.

What You Get with Mandler's Franchise Program

Site Selection & Build-out:

  • Guidance with site selection
  • Full layout and design


  • Two-week management development program
  • Pre-opening in-store training
  • Training in all food preparation techniques and procedures
  • Ongoing business consulting services
  • Dedicated support
  • Vendor selection


  • A mix of various media types are used
  • Effective messages created to maximize appeal

Mandler's is the Next Big Thing

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