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If you're thinking you can sign up to be a franchisee just so you can get all the tummy-ticklin', pan-Asian cookin' you can handle for free - well, you better run the numbers again and get back with us.

But if you're interested in spreading the word

  • that Asian food can be wok-cooked, freshly prepared with fresh ingredients, and served up fast and hot;
  • that honey dipped shrimp on the menu can co-exist with The Honey Drippers (Robert Plant, remember?) on the juke box;
  • that a healthier lunch doesn't have to mean sprouts on wheat bread

And, of course, if you are attracted by the business sense of an industry and concept whose potential is unlimited, then let's talk.

Take a look at our story, our systems, and our case for why Mama Fu's has what it takes. When you're ready, give us some information about you so we can get started.

Mama Fu has a colorful past, filled with adventure and unique experiences (ever ride a rhinoceros?). Maybe that's why she focuses on laughter and good times: experience tells her that the only things that really matter are friends, family, and food.

When she came to the States Mama Fu made a statement: freshly prepared food, made with fresh ingredients, served up hot is the only way to treat friends and family. Giving people a place to share great food, cool music, and laughter is what Mama Fu (and her Asian House) is all about.

But you needn't take our word for it. Stop in today to get a plate of the best tasting dishes from all over Asia. If you see Mama Fu, ask her about the time she stowed away on a ship, only to find herself in Yantian for a wild weekend. You'll laugh for days.

But don't get your hopes up - Mama Fu is likely to be off on another adventure.


A major benefit of a franchise system is that you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Training, operations, recipes, support, and marketing has already been worked out and all you need to do is execute.

But not all systems are the same - Mama Fu's has done this before.


Mama Fu's provides intensive training for you and your staff - at both our headquarters and company stores in Atlanta and also at your location before, during, and immediately after Grand Opening. We are committed to manager development and line-level development - it's our brand on the line, we make sure you're equipped to do it right.

Marketing and Public Relations

The most overlooked part of local store growth is marketing. TV and radio are not the only, nor are they always the most effective, ways to reach your audience. We provide tools and coaching to make your store better every week. Our goal is to do more than generate hype - we want to shape opinions and modify behavior. We have found this to create long-term success.

Real Estate

It's the most important part of the process - finding the right location. Our team shares resources among several different, yet complementary, concepts giving us the first chance at prime locations in many markets. Landlords like dealing with us - we make finding 'A' locations a priority.

Controls, Recipes, Purchasing, Hiring & Retention

Rather than explain how we do all of this (and give some valuable lessons to the competition), let's just say that our commitment to these areas of running your business is unparalleled. You will be assigned a Marketing Consultant whose job it is to solve your challenges. Your MC is your knowledge base, your sounding board, your business advisor, and your champion. Experienced in both our business and business in general, your MC is your new best friend.

Why Mama Fu's

If you're this far into the site, you now know that adults, kids, families, co-workers, and dates (anyone with a mouth, really) all love Mama Fu's. "But what's in it for me?"

Glad you asked.

Landlords also love Mama Fu's. Our "San Francisco" style Asian House brings excitement to any project as an upscale, high-energy traffic generator. They love to see our long lines of dedicated customers. We believe Mama Fu's is the hottest concept in the fastest growing food segment in the country. Landlords have seen what we can do and they know we do it well.

Franchise Partners love us because we've done this before (and we're good at it). We've got experience in creating, managing, and growing hot concepts into sustainable businesses. Our experience is visible - our founders' previous (and current) successes include Moe's Southwest Grill (founded), Planet Smoothie (founded), Cold Stone Creamery (operated), and PJ's Coffee and Tea (operate and manage).

Not only do we focus on selecting incredible real estate and return on investment for our Franchise Partners, but we also serve up the BEST food. We don't just talk the talk...we walk the WOK.

What we're saying is that Mama Fu's is healthy Asian food. We serve it quickly and generously in an atmosphere that encourages and facilitates laughter and good times. We provide great support, deliver a desirable demographic, and have an excellent pedigree. The food and the experience make customers return again and again - and for our efforts they've dubbed us "Best Fu in Town!"™

That's all we're saying.

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