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Mailbox IT was opened in 1996, and is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri and is one of the fastest growing franchises of its kind in the Midwest and Midsouth. Mailbox IT is a nationally franchised company selling a range of business services by traditional brick and mortar and electronic commerce. Packaged as a walk-in facility, Mailbox IT, services include parcel shipping and packing, print services, product fulfillment, and electronic return services.

In the national marketplace, some of these are still emerging processes, but the core services are proven and are realizing increasing levels of acceptance among a vast market - businesses seeking to maximize cash-flow through outsourcing and the convenience-minded consumer.

At the date of this writing, the core services (and new services) of Mailbox IT include:

  • Shipping Services (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Airborne, Roadway, etc.)
  • Parcel Packing
  • Electronic Return Services
  • Copy and Print Services
  • Money Transfer Services
  • Typeset and Graphic Design
  • Internet Electronic Payment Exchange (in development)
  • Mailbox Rental Services
  • Product Fulfillment Services
  • Various Retail Items
  • Consumer Bill Payment Services
  • YaDa™ Auctions
  • Wi Fi Services

As everything goes "e" commerce so do we. Already, we are experiencing a growth in package volumes as e-commerce vendors look for convenient shipping sources that don't compromise cost or service levels.

The parcel delivery market, including the international market, is expected to expand significantly. Today, expedited package mail alone has revenues totaling $6.7 billion. A year from now, we anticipate that figure will rise to nearly $8.2 billion and by 2003 it will exceed $8.1 billion. Total overall market revenues and volume are expected to continue growing at approximately 4.9% and 3.3% a year, respectively, until at least 2004. The exploding Internet market will fuel much of this growth. Mailbox IT, based on its inherent strengths, is in an advantageous position to increase its share of the parcel market.

The Links to Customers

Mailbox IT is positioned to be a major player when it comes to supporting the e-commerce industry. Considering that as e-customers become more comfortable with e-shopping, the demand for home delivery will increase significantly through UPS, FedEx, RPS, DHL and Airborne, as a result, return services and re-packaging services offered by Mailbox IT will increase dramatically.

With a growing network already in place and prices well below those of competitors, Mailbox IT is already the destination of choice for many smart shippers. Current initiatives will allow us to continue to provide a superior value and ever-increasing service levels to parcel shippers. The international market offers opportunities for Mailbox IT to increase volume and revenue growth due in part to deregulation, the breakdown of borders, economies of scale and scope as well as the Internet.

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