Joey's Mexican Grill
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About Joey's

Joey's story begins during his college experience. Joey would visit college buddies south of the border, in Southern California and other parts of the southwest. The foods he ate were delicious and filled with southwest flavors. Joey wanted others to have the same experience so he created Joey's.

The Menu

We think that everyone should have had friends with nicknames like "Four-Eyed Freddie" and "Loose-Lip Paulie" when they were kids. Maybe it's just a kid thing, but we thought they would make ordering from our menu fun.

The Food

There is no one more fanatical about fresh food than Joey. You can't have great food if it's not fresh. That's why Joey doesn't own a freezer and prepares everything fresh daily just for you. Joey's chicken and steak are specially marinated giving them wonderful flavor.

The Atmosphere

Every Joey's is designed to make your dining experience fun, fast and easy. The music is just another part of that experience. Nothing special, just tunes we hope you enjoy. The paintings are just a bunch of guys named Joey who just happen to be from around the world.

Some Interesting Statistics

  • The Fresh Mex Market is $1.5 Billion per year
  • The Fast Casual Market is $5 Billion per year
  • Super Opportunity to join the best new franchise in the Fresh Mex Market

System Support

Joey's franchise development support system is turnkey and designed to guide you from site selection, restaurant design and build out, through opening of your restaurant. We don't have to tell you our support system is first class -- but it is.

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