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Own A Healthier Business - Inspire A Healthier Community

At Jamba Juice, we’re known for high quality, convenient and flavorful blends that are made with real ingredients: whole fruits, vegetables, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup. At the core of every Jamba franchise success story has been the deep-seeded desire to make a tastier and healthier tomorrow.

The Opportunity In Healthful Living

Jamba Juice is an iconic brand. Right from the beginning, we’ve been focused on creating premium, hand-crafted, flavorful blends at Jamba Juice. But we’ve also focused on people. We have grown to 900+ successful locations by partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs who are driven to spend their days building a business that truly helps the people in their communities live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Why Own A Jamba Juice?

  • An Iconic Brand - As a Jamba Franchise Owner, you will own your piece of the largest smoothie company in the world!
  • A Simple Business — Our stores have no hoods, stoves or grills. In fact, we only have blenders and a combo refrigerator/freezer. You can enjoy the stability and revenues of a fast-casual model, without the headaches.
  • World Class Support Team — Jamba Juice has spent the last couple of years building a Franchise Support Center to better who are true experts in each of their respective fields.
  • Be Proud of Your Product — We collaborate with our Franchise Owners and our consumers, then blend and test repeatedly. Our commitment to product innovation is a vital strategy in growing market share for our Franchise Owners.
  • Share the Wealth — In addition to providing an industry leading product to like-minded, health-conscious customers, our Owners feel great about the many philanthropic options available with Jamba.

Business Models To Grow With

For the first time, Jamba Juice is offering single store opportunities in addition to multi-unit opportunities.

  • Traditional Model - Today, Jamba Franchise Owners have a unique opportunity to be one of the first to deploy our new prototype store. This model is characterized by state-of-the-art technology, bright colors, modern seating and inspirational design at every angle. It’s a blend of everything our guests already love about Jamba with a modern and elevated atmosphere.
  • Drive-Thru Model - This 1200 – 1500 square foot end-cap store boasts increased visibility for higher traffic and more convenience for our on-the-go customer base, all while still being able to create the energy and vibrancy that makes our traditional Jamba stores so renowned.
  • Non-Traditional Models - For select candidates who already have a traditional or a drive-thru model operating, you may have the opportunity to grow your Jamba business into non-traditional environments like airports, stadiums, convention centers and a variety of other venues. The Jamba Kiosk embodies the energy and spirit of our stores and drive-thrus with strong operational efficiencies.

Industry Facts

  • The American smoothie market is currently valued at $2.2 billion.
  • Health-Focused Fast-Casual is currently valued at $384 million.
  • Health Food industries is currently valued at $1 Trillion.

Ideal Candidate

We do not require candidates to have restaurant experience. The ideal Jamba Juice franchise candidate is:

  • Like-minded individuals who share the same passion for helping others get on the path towards a healthier, higher quality of life.
  • Takes pride in owning their piece of the biggest brand of its kind.
  • Possesses a strong business management background.

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