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Inner Circle Peer Advisory

Inner Circle was founded in 1985 and began franchising in 1997. The company is a peer advisory franchise that provides a confidential environment for small and medium-sized business owners to discuss a variety of topics related to business ownership and management. Effective June, 2008, Inner Circle is now part of the Merrymeeting, Inc. (MMI) family of franchised brands.

MMI is an investment and management firm that exclusively focuses on acquiring and developing franchisors and their franchised business operations. MMI's goal is to become a leading provider of both value-added capital and management services to the franchising industry.

MMI currently supports more than 1,700 franchise locations through its seven franchise companies, and provides an array of specialty services to meet the unique operating needs of franchisors.

What is Inner Circle?

Each Inner Circle is a peer group of 8-12 individuals who own and operate growing companies, most with revenues between $1M and $50M. The Inner Circle meets once a month for three hours with a proprietary format that focuses on each member as a person and as a business owner.

Inner Circle is a good fit for those business owners who realize they can learn from experience - and it doesn't have to be their own. They realize they don't have all the answers, and need the candor, insights and energy that our facilitated format and proprietary process can provide. At an Inner Circle meeting you will be challenged, and you will challenge others. Our Members hold each other accountable to their stated goals and cheer them on to becoming more and more prosperous.

Why Consider This Type of Business Opportunity?

An Inner Circle franchise offers a certain type of seasoned, other-centered business person the opportunity for:

  • Income
  • Flexibility
  • Impact on Others


Our franchisees find that operating an Inner Circle business provides a solid income with more flexibility and more impact on others than they ever imagined possible. After the year it takes to build a calendar of Inner Circle meetings, our franchisees enjoy a business that is largely self-sustaining with a high membership renewal rate annually.


Because Inner Circle offers concentrated, high-energy meetings, franchisees who facilitate the meetings find that they must be extremely "present" at those times, but have almost total flexibility in arranging the rest of their monthly schedule. Both our Minneapolis and Twin Cities franchisees organize their schedules so they can live in Palm Springs, California two weeks of every month.

Impact on Others

Inner Circle franchise owners make a difference in their business communities. By listening, probing, guiding and supporting, they become invaluable to their members. Franchisees are in a most unique position to link members together who may have mutual interests and to refer members to outside resources they may need. This is a deeply rewarding business to own and operate.

What Can I Expect the Franchisor To Provide For Me?

We have over 20 years of experience which we have used to develop training and operational guidelines for Inner Circle franchisees. As a franchisee you can expect intense training on all aspects of owning an Inner Circle business through Inner Circle University. Inner Circle University provides specific information on the philosophy of Inner Circle, the proprietary meeting process, networking and selling memberships, building visibility in your community and moderating the meetings.

Each franchisee is given a detailed operations guide, copies of all forms related to running the business and an ongoing hotline to our management for questions, comments and concerns. Once you are part of our organization, we do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction. We want you to make money running the business, but we also want you to enjoy the lifestyle your franchise will allow.

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