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Finally, A "Town" That’s Gone To The Dogs!

Hounds Town USA launched in 2001 and is a fully interactive day care and boarding facility for dogs. Designed to look like a small "town" complete with gardens, doorways and fronts of homes, we provide a safe, loving, healthy environment that dogs— and their owners—adore!

Would you like to get your paws on a fantastic career opportunity? The pet care market is not only an enormous industry, it’s projected to soar into the future!

We are now operating in multiple locations thanks to our extreme popularity. Due to our tremendous growth, we are looking to expand our operations and are inviting you to join our franchise family. Throughout our years in operation, we have been carefully planning and perfecting our business system—from dog care, hiring, and safety; to décor, customer service, sales, creative marketing programs, and much, much more. With every detail in place, we’re ready to share our expertise with franchise owners. If you appreciate dogs, have a strong work ethic and a flair for business, this could be a future you’ll want to, well, fetch!

Making A Positive Difference For Dogs, Their Owners, And Franchise Owners As Well!

Fido never had it so good!

At Hounds Town USA, we understand that pet owners love their dogs as if they were their own children. That’s why we model our services, not after other doggie day care programs, but after child care concepts. With a deep understanding of dogs and their behaviors, our professional staff knows when to be firm and when to reward our four-legged friends with love. Our refreshingly honest and straight forward approach makes for happy, tail-wagging pooches and worry-free dog owners, knowing that we take care of all of their pets’ needs.

An array of dog-gone great services!

Sure, we offer "dog day afternoons" for pets, but we offer so much more! Our selection of reliable, flexible pet care services includes:

Day Care

We offer customers peace of mind by providing a safe and fully social experience for their dogs—with constant supervision. Pets get lots of exercise, learn good social skills, and enjoy plenty of activities, all during the hours that work best for our customers.

Sleep Overs

Hounds Town Inn is an overnight haven for dogs, in which we provide the same kind of personal care and concern for pets as we do in our day care program. Our overnight "guests" have the opportunity to play and socialize until bedtime. And after breakfast the following morning, our boarded dogs resume day care activities.

Spa Grooming Services

Our spa baths include: nail clipping, ear cleaning, shampoo and cream rinse. We offer a broad range of shampoos to address coat and skin issues and an extraordinary pre-bath treatment that reduces shedding. These pet pampering options not only please customers but can also help franchisee owners build revenue!

A Town Custom-Made For Dogs!

Through our vast research and experience, we’ve found that our model fits well in a light, industrial park setting. A Hounds Town USA franchise requires a minimum of 2,500 square feet of interior and exterior space. Our safe, dog-proof environment is a large, temperature controlled facility with large indoor/outdoor areas in which pets can play, exercise, and fully interact from morning to night. Our fun "town" theme is evident throughout our concept, even in our language—our rules are called "Town Ordinances," our fees "Town Dues," and our key staff members are referred to using terms like "Mayor" and other town offices.

Collar Great Support!

At Hounds Town USA, we understand that offering a supportive environment is not only critical for pets—but for franchise owners, too! That’s why we’re committed to providing the best possible support services, including:

  • Thorough training in significant areas such as dog handling, operations, and management.
  • Assistance in site selection, décor and build-out of your facility.
  • A copy of our confidential operations manual.
  • Guidance in developing exciting initial and ongoing marketing campaigns.
  • Periodic onsite visits from a Hounds Town USA corporate representative to discuss strategies for controlling costs and growing your business.

And whenever you have a question, we’re only a phone call or email away. You’ll get an answer pronto from experienced leaders in the dog care industry!

A Whole New Breed Of Benefits

As a Hounds Town USA franchisee, you’ll own a tried-and-true business with established standards and procedures already in place—from décor to client service! You’ll enjoy a wide customer base—including working professionals (both singles and two-income families) as well as passionate pet owners who want the best for their dogs. All types, sizes and breed of dogs are welcomed—as long as they pass our special Temperament Test, a no-cost assessment of their demeanor and personality. Our in-depth understanding of pack behavior allows us to accept dogs of all breeds and sizes. Furthermore, our model provides multiple potential revenue streams. In addition to day care, overnight boarding and grooming services, you could sell retail items such as collars, toys, leashes, etc. as well as offer a pet taxi service, birthday and theme parties. It all adds up to more possibilities to grow your local franchise!

Em"bark" On A Fantastic Future Today!

Are you ready to start an incredible new career? Becoming a Hounds Town USA franchise owner may be just the exciting business opportunity you’ve been searching for. As a franchisee, you’ll have the chance to work with dogs and to be your own boss—without the hassles and worries of going it alone.

Naturally, we’re looking for individuals who love dogs and know how to care for and handle them. But to qualify, you must also possess the business skills necessary to operate and grow a local franchise, including great management, customer service and team leadership skills. Prior pet industry experience may be helpful but is not a requirement.

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