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As a leader in the pizza buffet & family entertainment industry, Gatti's Pizza is off and running with a fresher neighborhood feel, and its All You Care-To-Eat Pizza Buffet.

Gatti's Pizza is searching for experienced multi-unit restaurant developers and operators to grow the brand with the same entrepreneurial spirit as the company's founder, Colonel Eure.

As a member of the Gatti's Pizza Franchise Family, you'll have an opportunity to grow your own business, one that will benefit from our proven brand identity and our outstanding support.

Did you know that Gatti's ranked No. 20 on Pizza Today's "Top 100 Pizza Companies List" in 2006? And we're rapidly expanding throughout the Southwest, the Southeast and the Midwest?

Don't worry. All this success won't go to our heads. It goes right into our pizza. After all, we have pledged to uphold the principles and standards of our founder, Colonel James Eure.

Colonel Eure's vision is now 140+ stores strong and counting, including GattiTown and delivery/carryout restaurants.

Today our pizzas are the life of the party, and our restaurants are active contributors to their communities. Pizza is, after all, friendly food - meant to be shared.

Gatti's Pizza requires that the franchisee's General Manager along with one other manager or operator participate in the Gatti's Pizza Training Program. This will ensure that two people have the knowledge and skills to run a successful operation. The training program consists of the following:

Gatti's Pizza Delivery/Carryout & Gatti's Pizza Buffet
Three weeks of hands-on training facilitated by a Gatti's Pizza Franchise Business Consultant in a Gatti's Pizza Regional Training restaurant.

Five weeks of hands-on training facilitated by a Gatti's Pizza Franchise Business Consultant in a Regional GattiTown Training restaurant.

For those individuals who require additional instruction and learning time, the Gatti's Pizza Support Team is geared toward providing one additional week of training to help ensure that each operator is confident in his or her ability to manage the restaurant.

The Gatti's Pizza Training team also consists of ongoing field training with an assigned Franchise Business Consultant and additional classroom-based training, as well as enriched industry knowledge and ongoing operational support.

Gatti's Pizza Training Program also incorporates one week of classroom-based training to be held once each quarter at the Gatti's Pizza Support Center in Austin, Texas. A select member of the Gatti's Pizza Support Team will facilitate these classes. Each topic discussed will include a balance of product review, business analysis, and case study exercises, as well as core management instruction.

Our franchise support system offers our franchisees nearly a century of restaurant industry knowledge. We know that our success depends on their successes, and we offer our franchisees comprehensive assistance that will help them build a successful Gatti's Pizza restaurant business. In addition to on-site visits from your assigned Franchise Business Consultant, monthly newsletters and regional franchise meetings, you'll have an opportunity to learn from some of our most successful franchisees.

As a Gatti's Pizza Franchisee, you will need field support as you prepare to open and continue operating each of your restaurants. A Franchise Business Consultant will be directly assigned to your market. Their duties are to advise and assist franchisees in all areas, especially building sales, product quality, service, cleanliness and marketing.

Why Mr. Gatti's?

Purchasing & Distribution
The Gatti's Pizza Purchasing and Distribution team will manage the entire supply chain to ensure the highest-quality products are delivered to your door at the lowest possible cost. By leveraging our size and bundling our volume with key manufacturers, scrutinizing quoted freight rates, and partnering with world-class distributors, this team will protect the integrity of supply while watching for opportunities to reduce costs. This strategy covers all food, packaging, uniforms, cleaning supplies, chemicals, small wares and equipment necessary to operate a successful Gatti's Pizza location.

Research & Development
The Director of Research and Development is continually working on the enhancement of existing and new products. The research & development team recognizes that in today's competitive restaurant environment, even a market leader must create new products to satisfy customer demand. This is vital to increasing business traffic, leading to increased sales. The research & development team works closely with the Gatti's Pizza Franchise Advisory Committee in developing new products. Each new product or enhancement of an existing product is first tested thoroughly before being tested in our company restaurants and select franchise markets. The Franchise Advisory Committee then approves it before it is introduced to the entire Gatti's Pizza franchise community.

Marketing & Advertising
Our marketing team offers effective, innovative solutions that will help enhance each franchisee's local store marketing and brand efforts. We're able to implement these strategies by having premier brand-building partners. These relationships allow us to develop and test corporate initiatives prior to field implementation. This ensures cost efficiencies for individual franchisees.

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