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The pizza industry offers today's franchisees unlimited opportunity. While many businesses are trendy - here today, gone tomorrow - pizza has been one of the most popular and stable food products in this country for over 50 years. And as the demand for pizzas, sandwiches and home delivery continues to grow, so too does the demand for Fox's Pizza Den franchises.

For 30 years, Fox's Pizza Den has been committed to delivering the knowledge and understanding that gives our franchises a better chance to succeed. Our operation is simple. We provide you with guidelines for success and profitability and help you gain your independence for very little money. Our low franchisee fee of $8,000 and flat $200 a month royalty makes owning a business accessible to people of average means, while enabling them to keep a greater percentage of the profits. Most other franchises charge a percentage of gross sales as their royalty fees. This penalized the aggressive, go-getter franchisees because the more business they do, the more they must pay the franchiser. At Fox's the more business you do, the more money you make.

Being part of the Fox's family enables you to access collective information from over 220 franchisees in order to see what works and what doesn't. We give you the flexibility to create a menu that best satisfies your customers. We also have one of the only pizza commissaries in the nation to provide consistent high-quality product to our franchises at reasonable prices.


Why should I buy a franchise instead of going into business on my own?

Starting a new business is a big risk. In fact, a recent study shows that over 62% of new businesses fail in the first six months. Compare this to just a 3% failure rate* for franchises and the advantages are clear. The right franchise arrangement creates a partnership between those who have already succeeded in business and those who want to. It creates a support network that enables you to receive the training and marketing assistance that is needed to ensure your success down the road.

Why choose the pizza business over another kind of franchise business?

It has been estimated that 94% of the United States population eat pizza at a rate of 100 acres a day. As the demand for pizza, sandwiches and home deliver continues to grow, so does the market. The pizza industry generally involves a low investment, high percentage bottom-line, weekly inventory turnover, a small number of employees and very little bookwork and accounting, making it one of the easiest businesses to own.

What are the advantages for a current independent shop owner to convert to a Fox's Pizza Den?

As a Fox's Pizza Den franchisee, you become part of the bigger picture. You not only benefit from the purchasing power of our Commissary by cutting your food, advertising, and overall operation expenses, you also have access to the collective information and experience of more than 220 franchisees and receive territory protection.

How much liberty do I have as a franchisee?

We are not a rubber stamp franchise. While we provide the basic framework for running a successful franchise, you are given flexibility and the opportunity to add your favorite items to the menu or adjust your product lines to meet the local market tastes of your customers.

I'm interested in becoming a Fox's Pizza Den owner. What's my next step?

If you are ready to pursue your dream of owning and operating your own business, fill complete the mail request below and Jim Fox or a Fox's representative will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your future with Fox's Pizza Den.

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