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COMMISSION EXPRESS® businesses provide commission advances to real estate agents and brokers by purchasing their pending commissions (accounts receivable) at a discount.

The prototype, Commission Express of Northern Virginia, has been operating in the Washington, DC metropolitan area since 1992 and has purchased thousands of commissions. That experience enabled us to develop the materials, software and protocols that constitute the COMMISSION EXPRESS® system.


  • Computer Based Operating System
  • High Percentage Repeat Business
  • Reasonable Investment
  • Protected Territories
  • Demand Tied to Cash Flow Needs
  • Independence and Self-Satisfaction
  • Opportunities in All Economic Climates
  • Definable Target Market
  • Attractive Economic Potential
  • Training and Support
  • Defined Marketing Techniques
  • Tested Materials
  • Equity Building
  • Prestigious
  • Unique Business

COMMISSION EXPRESS® businesses advance real estate sales commissions to agents and brokers by factoring their commissions (accounts receivable). That is, we purchase pending commissions at a discount. The purchased commissions are usually redeemed within 30 to 60 days.

COMMISSION EXPRESS® businesses apply the general factoring process to the specialty of factoring real estate sales commissions. We purchase pending commissions on the basis of their quality as an asset, not on the credit worthiness of our customers.

COMMISSION EXPRESS® customers use our services because the process is easy, fast and reliable. They usually sell their commissions at the time of contract ratification.

Customers fax the necessary documents to COMMISSION EXPRESS® for review. When approved, they can come to the COMMISSION EXPRESS® offices to get their checks or we will mail or wire the funds. The entire process usually takes less than two days. It's just that simple!

As a COMMISSION EXPRESS® franchisee, you will be helping customers manage their cash-flow in exchange for the opportunity to purchase pending commissions at a discount. It is a situation where a reasonable exchange of values takes place, and where everyone has an opportunity to benefit.

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