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Why Open a Fitness-Related Business?

The media is full of statistics that confirm a shocking number of Americans, from children to the elderly, are overweight and not fit. One source asserts that 65 percent of people 20 years and over are overweight. At the same time, research is confirming that many illnesses are a direct result of being seriously overweight and lack of exercise. People are spending more money every year on programs to help them get in shape.

Why CoachMeFit?

Personal training is a "hot" fitness service and is gaining momentum every month. As people have more places to go to receive personal training, they become more selective. They look for welcoming, non-intimidating environments and knowledgeable, professional trainers. Those two qualities are the focus at CMF. Our high client retention rate is a direct result of the quality of the training experience we provide.

Our "Launch and Support" program includes these benefits:

Location Selection

We will work with you to determine the best community for a CMF within the area you select. We assess demographics, market saturation (competition), real estate values and more in identifying the optimal location.

Studio Design and Layout

A well-equipped, thoughtfully designed studio is essential to attracting and retaining clients. Based on your studio's parameters, we provide a professionally-designed layout to fit. Our franchise manual details the equipment, furnishings, interior finishes and colors that will result in a studio you will be proud to own.

Launch Readiness

We've created a master list of what needs to be in place for your launch. With a step-by-step, organized plan, you stay on top of the process and know that you have all the bases covered.

Operations Manual

This is your comprehensive owner's guide that covers these aspects of a CMF Franchise: financial, legal, staff, marketing, equipment and layout, record keeping, forms, training protocols, technology, and the secrets of a successful CoachMeFit. The Operations Manual represents years of experience, testing and development.

CoachMeFit Proprietary Software

This application has been designed specifically for CoachMeFit Franchisees and is "command central" for the operation of a CMF. It took years of revising and perfecting the tool's functionality to make it work exactly as we wanted. It's comprehensive, intuitively organized and easy to use.

Marketing and Promotion

You need tools to get the CoachMeFit name in front of potential clients and be recognized in your community. We have developed a set of integrated, professionally designed materials to help you launch your studio and promote it. We created a uniform look and message for the materials to support a recognizable national brand. We can also assist you with developing special promotions.

CMF Academy

You'll spend several days at CMF headquarters and our flagship studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. CMF management and staff will take you through a series of training modules on various aspects of the business. At the end of training, you will be comfortable and confident in your new career as a CMF owner.

Test and Refine

At CMF we believe that a business that is not growing and improving is failing. We are continually implementing strategies to offer better service, run operations more effectively and be more profitable. We make all these improvements available to you as a CMF owner. Your success is our success.

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