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CLIX- Changing the Face of Franchising and Portrait Photography

At CLIX, we picture you ... in business for yourself, but not by yourself. If you're looking for a company and a franchise business opportunity that is fun, friendly, hip and now, you owe it to yourself to check out CLIX. CLIX is the innovative franchise opportunity in the exciting world of digital portrait photography and imaging.

A CLIX franchise will present you the opportunity to work with children, families, and the community at large creating portraits for a lifetime ... in no time . CLIX is the picture perfect opportunity for you to live the American Dream with a business that's both personally and professionally rewarding.

Not a photographer? Not a problem! We're looking for people with personality, people with a passion to help others and a strong drive to succeed. If you've got these ingredients, CLIX can supply the rest.

We will teach you and your team how to professionally preserve moments and memories for people with digital photography and our unique and proven training system. Therefore, photography experience on your part is not required. Our CLIX system and training can have you and your team shooting professional quality portraits in no time.

It sounds simple... and it is.

CLIX makes picture-taking fun again while at the same time offering a unique, multifaceted business opportunity.

Why Should You Consider a CLIX Franchise?

We have a proven system.

CLIX was set into motion in 1999 with a concept to change the face of portrait photography. After five years of developing and refining our unique approach and growing to seven locations, we knew that the CLIX business model was ready for a national launch. In 2004, we refined the CLIX franchise support system and our studio look and feel, combining them with the image and attitude that sets CLIX apart from other portrait studios. With 40+ years of photography sales, marketing, retail, training, and support, we're ready to fully support our Franchisees.

We're way ahead of other portrait studios.

CLIX is dedicated to creating a digital portrait experience like no other. With the latest in technology, a proven, proprietary system, a strong focus on service, support, and our customer's overall experience, we have the winning formula that will turn your customers into true CLIX fans, setting you apart from the competition.

At CLIX, we make it memorable, providing our franchisees' customers a unique and exciting experience.

The CLIX business model offers the most innovative and comprehensive retail and on-location event portrait franchise business available. CLIX offers three different yet interconnected revenue streams:

CLIX Studios

With an eye-catching, creative décor, the CLIX Portrait Studio sets the tone for an exciting and memorable photo experience. Our extensive yet easy-to-master training will show you how to bring out each customer's unique personality. At CLIX, the customer is the star, wearing the clothes they want to wear, posing with the props that hold a special meaning or that help showcase their personality, interests and dreams. And since we never charge per person, your customers are encouraged to bring along friends and family for those great group shots - the kind of shots that lead to group sales! And, by taking as many shots as needed to get the one your client loves - along with near-instant delivery - we increase your potential for additional sales as well as ensuring total customer satisfaction.

CLIX On-Location Events

Thanks to our innovative Events Team concept, CLIX allows you to tap into the popular and growing location photo opportunities. We'll show you how to establish strong working relationships with dance studios, day-care centers, primary schools, high schools, fraternal organizations, charitable functions, local governments, universities, recreational centers, and sports programs. Thanks to our exclusive training method, you'll be able to deliver that same high-energy CLIX experience anywhere in the community, an experience your customers will long remember.

Digital Design Station

At CLIX, we've developed a way for you to profit from pictures you didn't even take! With our specially designed CLIX Digital Design Station™, your customers can creatively modify and adapt their old photos - removing red eye, adding borders, splashing in exciting backgrounds ... if they can imagine it, odds are the CLIX Digital Design Station™ can do it. This unique in-store feature will allow customers to create prints, scrapbook pages and a variety of other must-have accessories. Easy to use and simple to maintain, the CLIX Digital Design Station™ will draw even more customers to your location.

What Does All This Mean to You as a CLIX Franchise Owner?

CLIX is dedicated to being the leading national provider of digital photographic memories, an innovator in franchising, and a "best in class" employer.

With our unique CLIX portrait style, efficient and effective business methods, we offer a business opportunity unlike any other.

At CLIX, we've assembled a team of experts - from operations, marketing, and training, to design, real estate, and advertising - whose #1 goal is to support you and your efforts. The CLIX franchise team is successful only if you - our franchisees - are successful.

Your CLIX franchise team will be there to train, coach and guide you in the beginning, and they'll continue to be there to support you, one-on-one, through CLIX University and National Conventions as your business grows.

You have a picture-perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our rapidly growing and exciting franchise organization. Together, we can create memories - for you, for your family, and most importantly for your customers. CLIX can help you accomplish and realize your dreams as you create memories for others that will last a lifetime.

Our CLIX franchise opportunity is available for consideration to individuals who meet certain financial and personal requirements. You'll want to act now while premier locations and DMA's are still available.

Our Vision

CLIX is dedicated to becoming the leading national provider of digital photographic memories offering the highest value.

CLIX is building a successful world-class franchise network based on a unique and winning business model that offers continuous innovation and improvement.

CLIX remembers that our customers and franchisees are everything. We always work toward a level of service, courtesy, and professionalism that makes CLIX deserving of our customers' - and our franchisees' - respect and continued support.

CLIX always strives to create fun, exciting, and unique customer experience.

CLIX possesses a strong working relationship with our franchisees - without them we would not exist.

CLIX helps our franchisees to grow businesses that are both financially and personally rewarding.

CLIX strength is our people. We provide a workplace that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding. We share our success with our employees, franchisees, suppliers, and customers.

CLIX remembers that our employees are our company's most valuable asset. We treat them with fairness and equality at all levels and compensate them fairly in relation to their job skills and their performance.

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