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City Wide Maintenance is a family-owned and operated company founded by Frank Oddo in 1959.

Our Story is rooted in the Kansas City area where we enjoy tremendous success, but has grown to have a strong National presence with Franchise partners in multiple metro markets - and growing. Throughout our growth, it is our core values that remain the focus of our business and are at each level of success we enjoy.

We are a leading provider of quality Janitorial and Building Maintenance services for many types of commercial property. Yes, we offer janitorial services, but we have expanded our business to include what we call the Total Solution for Building Maintenance. Basically, we are committed to delivering on our goal of being the one phone call our customers need to make to take care of all their building maintenance needs.

Once we open an account and provide expert janitorial services we then have the unique ability to expand our responsibilities to include many different services. Whatever our customer needs, we can do it.

It is our Total Solution difference that allows us to truly be a one-stop shop for our customers and helps us realize Our Mission.

We deliver on this by utilizing a truly unique business model developed over our 40 plus years in the Building Maintenance Industry. By aligning ourselves with expert, independent contractors and using financial incentives to ensure customer satisfaction we can deliver a vast array of quality services at the highest standards available, while being very cost competitive.

The key to our model is the One Great Manager that our customers can turn to for anything they need. It's this one point of contact who is empowered to get things done that sets us apart and relieves the usual headaches for our customers. By compensating our Managers based on our PAR values we ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our industry leading retention rate of 90% plus (annually) proves we're doing things right. Considering the standard is only 70%, we're quite proud of our performance.

Dedicated to the core values that got us here, we look to lead the industry into the future by managing our services better. It's in this way that we live up to our motto - You Can't Manage Without Us.

City Wide offers the chance to be self employed and have ownership in a growing business that generates revenue by selling and managing repeat contract services. Services that are needed by literally every commercial property in your city.

  • Discover how a City Wide Franchise may not be what you think at all. It's truly about managing people and building relationships.
  • Learn that you're not alone. 45 years experience in the industry and the support of a growing, national network are behind you every step of the way.
  • Realize the enormous potential that exists in metro markets when our proven business model and experience are put to use.
  • Quickly determine if a City Wide Franchise is right for you. And in turn decide if you're right for City Wide.

City Wide is a "Total Solution Franchise", which means you will have the training and resources to support you in bidding and selling other individual services in a large, exclusive territory. This allows you multiple opportunities to open accounts instead of just having a single item to sell.

Owning a City Wide Franchise allows you to "work on the business" rather than "in the business". You will spend your time selling contracts, managing relationships and building your business. You do not spend your time recruiting, hiring, training and supervising hourly employees or doing the work yourself. This is an important distinction that separates City Wide from other franchised base business opportunities.

City Wide's primary responsibility is selling accounts and managing the customer relationships.

City Wide works with one year signed (and automatically renewing) contracts, which provides an ongoing and compounding repeat revenue stream. This provides a building block of income so you are not starting from scratch at the beginning of every month.

City Wide uses independent Contractors, who specialize in the services we sell. This frees us from the need of recruiting, hiring and training the workers as well as dealing with all of the headaches associated with employee intensive businesses. By doing so we have leveraged our resources and minimized our risk so we can focus on what we do best- selling and managing relationships.

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