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City Publications offers one of the best opportunities for business ownership in the 21st century booming media industry.

Welcome to City Publications. We produce the hottest marketing tool and most effective sales lead generator available today through use of targeted direct mail postcards formatted as a "card pack". Our full color postcards are mailed cooperatively together in a card pack format that receives immediate attention from the homeowner because we address it personally with their first and last name, eliminating "current resident". We deliver it directly to their residence while maintaining a beautiful and attractive format which portrays our upscale image.

How Do We Produce the Best Leads?

By compiling our mailing list based on home value, income level and buying trends, we mail 50,000 of the most active and affluent consumers in a targeted area. Our upscale full color card pack includes the most exclusive high-end businesses, services and products appreciated by these homeowners, virtually guaranteeing the most qualified sales leads for our clients.

Our mailers only target 50,000 of the most affluent homeowners in each targeted area. The "user friendly" format allows for homeowners to read each card individually; therefore providing our advertising clients with the highest return and response rates possible.

Franchise Opportunity

We are pleased to present you with the opportunity to share in our incredible and rewarding business. At City Publications, with our customized approach to advertising, quality control, and volume purchasing power, we have developed this unique and appealing program that works.

Through our affiliates, City Publications is a rapidly growing business that has been proven to be successful in any metropolitan city across the country.

City Publications offers one of the best opportunities for business ownership in the 21st century booming media industry. If you do qualify for this exciting and rewarding challenge, then you will benefit from the success of helping local business owners utilize our affluent homeowner "direct mail piece" to drive sales leads right to their doors!

Our Ownership Benefits are Unbelievable!

  • Limited low overhead including no inventory, no employees, or storefront needed. This is a home-based business!
  • Lifestyle business opportunity by operating with your own hours to keep your weekends free to enjoy your life!
  • Unlimited financial potential combined with a categorical prospective client base!
  • Business growth and development through a repeat customer base with 70 - 80% yearly client contracts!

Our Training and Support Programs Include ...

  • Experienced sales and marketing coordinators that will provide a successful business plan to train and develop your new territory within the initial 90 day period.
  • Comprehensive on-site field training incorporates our systematic program to equip new City owners with the knowledge & skills for proper lead generation & advertising, client prospecting, art & graphic design, sales & marketing techniques as well as overall business development!
  • Support in the local territory for sales and business development through local & national client established customer base!
  • Ongoing support & assistance to enhance new territory business through national based network organizations, trade shows and yearly conferences!

The opportunity we offer is unlike most others. We know exactly how to create interest for our affluent homeowner direct mail piece, build product awareness and demand for our program in each city through our successfully proven sales and innovative marketing programs.

We continue to make and keep our customers happy by providing quality service nationwide. As an owner, you will reap tremendous benefits and rewards when following our simple program.

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