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The CEO Focus program has the ability to take your business knowledge and leverage it into a meaningful coaching career. If you are interested in earning an excellent income while working a very flexible schedule, read on. CEO Focus franchisees help business owners take their business to the next level. Many business owners struggle balancing the day to day needs of the business with the strategic growth of the business. This is where you come into the picture.

As a CEO Focus franchisee, you will assist businesses by acting as a trusted business advisor as well as acting as the facilitator of a group of their local CEO peers. By gaining access to a network of peers, gaining business and industry best practices, as well as an increasing the focus on the important aspects of their business, a CEO Focus member can accomplish amazing results.

Good candidates possess a strong general business background. Previous company ownership is a plus. We act as "general contractors" for our members, referring them to expertise they need. Therefore, you need not be an expert in all areas of business, but you should be comfortable in all areas. You may be working with 40-50 different clients in a given month, so you should enjoy variety. Most importantly, you should enjoy helping strong business men and women become even better businesspeople.

The Business Model

  • Our CEO peer group model brings diverse groups of small business owners into a peer consulting setting
  • CEO Focus believes that the failures of CEOs stems from lack of action/implementation rather than from lack of knowledge. Therefore, our program focuses on best practices, structured issue discussion, shared knowledge bases, and accountability
  • Facilitators run the monthly four-hour group meeting as well as meet monthly with each client for a 1-to-1
  • Our program differs from competitors because we are truly in the membership business. Our CEO groups are not a Trojan horse for other consulting services. Facilitators are paid well for each group member, therefore, there is not the financial necessity of selling additional services

The Customers

  • Typical members are non-retail businesses between $1MM and $20MM in sales
  • The typical member is a business owner 40-55 years of age
  • 75% of the members tend to be men
  • Members tend to be growth oriented and driven
  • There can be a misconception that members join because they are "in trouble." This is not the case. We have many millionaire members. Members join to help accelerate their success, not fix their failures.

Financial Model

  • You will be a franchisee. You are running your own CEO peer group business using our models and coaching. We charge a very reasonable 4%-6% of your revenues for use of the model and ongoing support.
  • We do not nickel and dime you. We have no other fees such as invoicing fees, home office fees, and administrative fees.
  • Membership billing can provide an excellent living. Plus, you will still have time available for play or additional consulting work

What do you get?

You receive 3 full days of personalized training plus:

  • Complete training manuals/video
  • All Marketing templates needed to run the business
  • Seminar materials and "playbook" for driving membership
  • Coaching model for your members
  • Group meeting and facilitation model
  • Jim Muehlhausen, the author of "The 51 Fatal Business Errors and how to Avoid Them" as the keynote speaker at your initial seminar to create buzz. Jim will stay in town for 2 days of on-the-job training.
  • Mailing list for your market 5,000-10,000 companies in your market
  • Everything necessary to launch your groups.....all that is needed is your skill and hard work

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