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The unique Buff & Coat® process is the heart of the
Buff & Coat franchised business opportunity.

  • Buff & Coat® does not sand floors, but rather buffs them with high-tech equipment to remove surface scuffs and scratches. Wear and tear from everyday living and business traffic are eliminated through the buffing process.
  • Buff & Coat® applies a state-of-the art, odorless polyurethane finish to the newly buffed floors.
  • The Buff & Coat® protective coating is a non-ambering finish that will block harmful UV rays that discolor and damage floors.
  • Once restoration is complete, floor care is as easy as mixing vinegar and water - the finish remains beautiful for seasons to come with simple, regular cleaning.
  • The Buff & Coat® floor method is economical---approximately 25-33% of the cost of traditional Hardwood Floor Re-Sanding.

Why the Buff & Coat® Franchise?

  • With a Buff & Coat franchise, individuals can own their business and love their work.
  • Buff & Coat is the perfect home-based business.
  • Buff & Coat provides the best-in-class processes and materials.
  • Owning a Buff & Coat franchise is affordable - low start-up costs.
  • Buff & Coat franchisees enjoy great profit margins.
  • Buff & Coat services are highly marketable - customers abound (residential, real estate, restaurants, retail, and municipalities).
  • The Buff & Coat process makes customers happy.
  • Sales and marketing programs are part of the franchise package.
  • Buff & Coat is a great and growing brand.
  • Market demand is increasing, and competition is limited.

The Buff & Coat experts have been in this business for over 15 years, perfecting the process and developing a system that truly works - a system that is economical, fast, and dustless (the biggest selling point for customers).

Buff & Coat, Inc., is first of all committed to franchise success. The next priority is complete customer satisfaction with a process that "delights them every time." Buff & Coat has established long-term goals and solid growth plans that will ensure the viability of the business for years to come. Buff & Coat consistently explores and implements new technologies to keep the company, and its franchises, out in front of the competition.

Buff & Coat adheres to the highest standards in marketing programs, brand management, and business support. Additionally, and above all, Buff & Coat is committed to personal integrity and ethical standards in all aspects of the business. Buff & Coat seeks to engage franchise owners who share these commitments.

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