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Breadeaúx Pizza, one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the Midwest and Canada.

Since its establishment in Corning, Iowa in 1985, Breadeaúx Pizza restaurants have continued to open in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Arkansas, Michigan, and British Columbia. We are actively expanding as the demand for our exciting franchise concept and opportunity continues to grow.

Breadeaúx Pizza was designed with rural communities in mind. Franchises are attractively priced, and the company stresses that there is corporate help every step of the way - from site selection to construction, ingredient ordering, payroll and accounting. A typical unit can usually be opened for business 60-90 days following agreement signing.

The company moved its Corporate Headquarters to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1989. The St. Joseph area is ideal for the implementation of the company's growth plans. With access to many major Interstates, and the Kansas City airport just 40 minutes away, St. Joseph is centrally located within our market area.

What makes Breadeaúx Pizza different from other pizza franchises?...Our Products!

What makes our products different? The most important single factor is our crust, which is chewy and sweet, and reminiscent of fine French Bread. While other pizza places boast about using dough made fresh daily, at Breadeaúx Pizza restaurants, our dough is aged and double-raised, once quickly, and the second time slowly while being chilled. This process is done on-site at every Breadeaúx Pizza location. The major difference in our dough preparation creates our distinctive taste and texture.

Our Breadeaúx Pizza sauce and dough additives are packaged and sealed in a food laboratory, which ensures quality control from day to day, restaurant to restaurant. Our second great product difference is our cheese. It is a semi-soft blend of Real Cheese, made from fresh whole milk. Our cheese, therefore, has a unique texture, flavor and workability.

The third great product difference is that our Breadeaúx Pizza meat toppings are lean meat. There is never any cereal, soy bean extender, fats or other non-meat fillers used in our Breadeaúx Pizza specialty meats.

In April of 2003, Breadeaux Pisa, Inc. and Country Kitchen International agreed to co-brand Breadeaux Pizza and Country Kitchen. Breadeaux Pizza targets the delivery, carry-out and dine-in segment of the pizza business while Country Kitchen's focus lies within the restaurant location. The result is a co-branded unit that captures the breakfast, lunch and dinner segment. There are operational advantages to co-branding recognized concepts, but the main focus is to give additional choices to customers. As part of the agreement, co-branded units also have the option of adding The Cookie Factory Bakery concept as well. Items from The Cookie Factory Bakery are made fresh daily in every location and allow the customer another option to choose. Franchising has been active with Country Kitchen units that have added Breadeaux Pizza to their menus. With the co-branding agreement, all future Country Kitchens are anticipated to serve Breadeaux Pizza items to complement the Country Kitchen menu.

Get a Taste of Your Future with a Breadeaúx® Pizza franchise.

If you're looking for a business opportunity that's easy to operate and doesn't take a fortune to start, you'll like our Breadeaúx Pizza franchise. We've created a business around a unique version of everyone's favorite food, a unique market niche and a reputation for quality. As a prospective franchisee, you'll find our Breadeaúx Pizza franchise has all the right ingredients for business success: low investment, a popular product, a smooth-running, low-overhead operation and a market niche that gives you a competitive edge and great growth opportunities.

Here are some of the features that make us so special...


Our Breadeaúx Pizza restaurant concept has been carefully designed to be successful in communities that are often overlooked by other food service franchisors who have higher volume demands.


A Breadeaúx Pizza restaurant can usually be open for business in 60 to 90 days from approval of final plans.


A Breadeaúx Pizza franchise is one of the lowest investments in the food industry.


If you qualify, financing for the major equipment portion of your startup investment is available from a variety of sources -- we will assist you in this process.


Our compact facilities and equipment specifications have been carefully designed to minimize operating costs.


From simplified ordering to automated accounting, the Breadeaúx Pizza franchise has been thoroughly systematized so you spend your time where it is most profitable.


Breadeaúx Pizza brand pizza is not just pizza. Ask our customers. From our unique french bread crust to our 100% pure toppings, you can taste the quality.


You'll receive two weeks of extensive training at our corporate headquarters followed by another full week at your own restaurant just prior to opening.


Our team will help you get your business off to a flying start. Once you're operational, you'll receive the benefits of our ongoing support program to build a high level of performance, proven throughout the system.


Our distinctive trademarks, award-winning marketing programs and bright, attractive restaurants are examples of the superior approach to marketing built into each Breadeaúx Pizza franchise.

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